Why says: Honest Paws gives your pet a healthier life

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Maintaining a healthy life for pets is the common expectation of all pet owners. Not only are they the close friends but also the daily joy of many. However, the time spending on working and family sometimes makes you forget taking care of them. For human, true health starts from within and the same goes for pets. Like with any loved one, it’s important to know how to make the most of the precious time you have together. And Honest Paws understands that.

How greatly Honest Paws understands your pet

Honest Paws gives your pet a healthier life

Honest Paws greatly understands your pet

The first thing we need to mention is Honest Paws also includes pet owners just like you. For them, health is the first priority. The goal they aim is to not only bring a solution for your pet’s ailments but also offer them the best feeling.

All products at Honest Paws are made to give ways to help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life. Their motto is that your pet deserves the very best. Therefore, from the beginning, Honest Paws always holds themselves to the highest standards of manufacturing processes in order to maintain freshness and effectiveness.

Why Honest Paws is the ideal choice?

Honest Paws gives your pet a healthier life

There must be some reasons making us choose Honest Paws to suggest you. Let’s see the things below.


With products of Honest Paws, you don’t have to worry about side effects because all are natural and made with 100% pure hemp oil. Not only does this protect your pet from ailments but also helps them maintain a good health. This must be the biggest plus of Honest Paws’s products.

Lab Tested

As all other famous brands of healthy product, in order to make sure all products are safe, Honest Paws also needs the lab-tested step. All parts of testing new products are strictly carried. For this reason, Honest Paws is always confident that there is no side effects to their products unless your dog has any type allergies from what is listed on the ingredients list.

100% Non GMO

We all known about the harm of GNO products such as affecting nervous system, causing cancer and allergies. Therefore, no one expects GNO included in their products. Understanding that, the team of Honest Paws created 100% non GMO products for your pets. Be assured to use it.

Soy Free

There is a fact that dogs, cats can only absorb animal protein. And plant protein is almost indigestible. Although soy contains a lot of beneficial protein and amino acids, the pet cannot digest it. Therefore, soy causes flatulence and indigestion. However, this is a cheap source of material so some pet food manufacturers still use it for their products to increase the percentage of protein. But, for Honest Paws, soy free is the commitment.