How to apply Glue-Less braided wigs



Braided Looting wigs have been around for a few years now and many people have embraced them and started appreciating its many benefits.

One out of its many advantages is how it saves time. Imagine a wife, mother and a carrier woman who struggles to juggle all activities together at a time without so much time in her hands to look beautiful alongside. It’s very important as a woman to look beautiful and well-kept as always. Women are great beings and do a lot of things in our society today all at once;

Home keep,

Taking care of the family


Money working to make money, and much more
But we are focusing on how a woman should always manage her time in all these activities and still have plenty of time to look beautiful. A woman's appearance is really important. You don't want to look ugly, you don't want to have bad hair, bald hair or smelly hair.

So, I will outline these steps on how to wear your braided lace wig in minutes without using any glue and explain further using glue.

  1. Spread your braided wig out of the bag and finger comb remove.
  2. They come with elastic bands and come with full lace braided wig hook combs, but if you think you need an extra elastic band and hook kings, wig on both sides of the wig cap. Insert two hook kings inside the cap, also measure. The length of the elastic band is 8-10 inches, then sew in the elastic band on both sides where the corners of your ears are lace frontal, either full lace or wig cap is used.
  3. If you don't have a lot of hair and if you have a lot of hair, wear a mesh cap "tan mesh hat" to fit your hair, when you surround it before you wear the mesh cap.
  4. Turn your face down, pull it from the front, and pull it back until it fits.
  5. Raise your head to the "position" and adjust perfectly.
  6. Pull the lace forward until it covers your hairline to determine how much it should be pulled off.
  7. Cut the lace with small scissors. If you can't cut the lace while running your wig, try marking the area with your powder or foundation color makeup and then remove the wig to cut the lace.
  8. If you think you need to trim your baby's hair, use a spoon to lighten some of your baby's hair until you want to cut it short.
  9. After cutting the lace, you can apply a very light amount of your foundation color inside the edges of the lace material or where you have your own parts, with a blending brush, so that it is an imaginary natural to blend with. Can be viewed Skin color "this is optional", wear it again, adjust to hold the elastic properly and keep your baby's hair and style to your taste.
  10. If you think you need to add extra hold glue: Apply the original hair glue down to the front of the lace you cut and also a small amount on your edges where you go with it. This is your mesh hat with your temple.





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