How to clean your sump pump step by step

Clean your toilet

Sump pumps in your Toronto’s home do exactly that — they pump excess water out of the basement, preventing flooding.

Many Toronto homes are equipped with sump pumps that have been working efficiently for years. Your pump was also operating heavily during the last winter. You needed its smooth work for taking excess water away from the lower layers of your house and its foundation. That is why, when the spring has come again, you do not face any flooding or other similar problems. However, it’s high time to take some care of the sump pump to let it work efficiently further on.

Therefore, it is essential to consult the Toronto sump pump maintenance services or involve true professionals in this process. You need to know for sure that not other issues are waiting for you and your sump pump in the nearest future. It is important to be sure that your pump will not need any costly repairs or even replacement. That can happen if you ignore its maintenance completely or do not take proper care of it. You can call Larry and Sons’ technicians to determine how much care or maintenance your sump pump needs and then proceed with some further operations with them. Well-qualified HVAC engineers can have an immediate look at your system now and provide you with some advice. Or you may decide to maintain your sump pump yourself if you really know how to do it and are sure that it needs cleaning already. To cope with that, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Switch off your sump pump system. You need a special plug for this. If you don’t have it on your pump, utilize flipping of the circuit disconnector for some time.
  2. Now, you can dismount the sump pump and your first step here is disconnecting it from the draught tube.
  3. Take care of your pump wrapping it in plastic or tarpaulin. It is needed because some water can still remain in it and leak on the floor. You can take your sump pump outside now.
  4. You need to clean the pump from all dirt and debris which have accumulated on it for a long time. Utilize a garden hose for spraying all that from its external surface. if the dirt is sturdy, use a spreader or scraper to remove it. Now, you can place the pump carefully somewhere in the sun and let it dry out.
  5. You need to utilize an industrial vacuum cleaner or just a wet/dry cleaner to take away the remaining water from the pit.
  6. Pay some attention to the check valve. You need to disassemble and clean it too. After cleaning, rinse it and leave to dry as well. Then, you can mount it again in its normal position.
  7. If you are sure that the pump is completely clean and dry already, mount it on its place and attach it to the draught pipe.
  8. You can plug your appliance in now and check whether it switches on properly and operates correctly.