How Would You Choose the Best Catering Companies for Weddings?


How would you organize a wedding reception? It is a special day of your life and you have to offer the best quality food and other facilities to your guests. You need to add some special dishes and drinks to the menu for your guests and also have to ensure that there are some less spicy cuisines for the children. So, choosing a catering company for weddings is necessary and you have to choose the best one according to your budget.

Catering for weddings

Tips to choose the best catering companies for weddings:

Remember that when you are hiring a caterer for a wedding, you are the boss and have the complete freedom to choose the menu. But, taking suggestions from the best catering companies for weddings can help you to decide the menu because they can customize the menu according to your preference and desire. Here, you will find some tips to choose the best wedding caterer:

  • Most of the wedding venue providers have their own catering services and they can provide some packages for the special day. You can negotiate with the venue provider to save a lot on the total cost. Also, since you have booked their venue, you can avail of some deals and discounts. Moreover, if you pay in cash then the venue provider will offer you a huge discount on their packages. But make sure, you must check their details and enquire about the additional charges that might be included in the deal. Some also provide a signature cocktail or add few extra hours to your package.
  • If the wedding venue provider does not have their own catering services, then you can ask them for recommendations. They can recommend some best catering companies for weddings available in their locality and you can discuss your requirements with these caterers.
  • You need to decide the budget before you choose a wedding caterer. Most of the catering services offer per-plate options. So, you need to count your probable guests and share the details with the caterer. Apart from that, you also need to choose the type of catering service according to your budget. You can choose a buffet or seated catering services. Else, you can add both to your wedding. Elderly people can avail of the seating facility and other guests can avail of your buffet lunch or dinner.
  • Every wedding caterer will promise the best quality food, but you need to taste their food before you hire them for the job. You can visit their kitchen and taste the various cuisines they offer. Apart from the taste, you need to check their hygiene standard. You must choose a caterer that can prepare your food with fresh ingredients and in a clean and healthy environment using clean water.
  • If your guest list consists of less than 100 people, then the caterer might charge you a higher price. In this case, share the guest list with the caterer to get an estimated total cost. You can ask for a quote from two to three catering companies for weddings and compare their prices to choose one that offers value for money service. Make sure, you do not compromise with the quality of food to save few bucks.

Catering for weddings


Do not forget to count the vendors. Once you finalize the guest list, you need to add the vendors to the list, like the entertainers, photographers, wedding planners, and drivers. You can ask the caterer to make separate meals for your vendors to save a couple of bucks since they will charge you a lesser amount for vendor meals. Now that you know all about wedding caterers, let's search for catering companies for weddings online and choose the best one. 








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