IGVault reviews: Reliable store for gamers

About IGVault

IGVault was founded in 2006, They quickly become a reliable website that gets success around the world. They indeed started in Europe with notably Germany and France, and gamers the Middle East and America soon were also appealed to IGVault’s focus on What Customers need and want. IGVault has notably become one of Skrill’s biggest partners, and its reputation as a transaction platform for virtual game gold, virtual game items, game accounts, gamecards & CD keys among worldwide gamers is now firmly established.

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Things you would love

Great customer service

Their customer support speaks a lot of languages so they can support customers from many countries. 5 star support in multiple languages when they try so hard to act everytime their customers encounter any problem, even when it’s not their fault.

Various game selection for you

While most other websites offer between 1 and 10 games. IGVault provides a massive wide selection of games. Honestly they provide any game that they can help you with. So a gamer can find everything they need at one stop. By far, a selection of their games can be found on the bottom (on mobile) and in the sidebar (desktop). If you need anything for one of these games, pick them. They are worth it.

They also provide gaming accounts, CDKeys, Skins and a lot of other game related items. You can also sell your items, gold etc. to them for a reasonable price.


You can pay your order with all the big companies that provide buyer protection for anything you order. You can purchase with PayPal, Skrill, our creditcard (mastercard), Telefphone and SOFORT banking. So I think Payment system is quite convernient

Loyalty program

Loyal buyers can get a massive amount of rewards. For each purchase you can get IGVault points, so you get a discount on their already discounted prices, the next time you order stuff from them. You can always check how many IGVault points you have gathered so far in your own account.

All for gamers

A lot of online gaming companies that sell goods for MMO, MMORPG’s and other online games are only after your money. IGVault is not. They put customer service and experience first. They always keep their website up to date and use the newest technology for the safest and most reliable transactions. They do not use bots or hacks to obtain their goods. That makes them of the few good guys in this industry in our opinion


IGVault is safe, reliable, professional and one of the best sellers in the business. Their customer support is by far the best of the best. They are also the cheapest most of the time compared to others. Clearly It’s a good store for you to buy your game. Besides, you can see more about GTA 6 Release Date |Gamers Expects

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