Cooking 101: What Is an Induction Hob

Think of the one room in your house that is the most dated. If you answered with the kitchen, it's time for an upgrade. In an era where every aspect of life is being upgraded with the latest technology, don't let your food prep fall behind. Pick up an Induction Hob, the centerpiece of a modern kitchen.

Introducing Induction

Induction cooktops work by creating an electromagnetic field that heats up any magnetically available items atop that surface. That means that once turned on it creates heat through contact with your pot or pan.

No direct heating element means no waiting for your stovetop to heat up. Water boils up to 30% faster on an induction cooktop compared to an electric or gas stove. Induction hobs also come with an added guarantee of safety.

Safety Is the Feature

With there being no direct heating element involved with an induction hob, there is nothing for you to burn your hand on. Gone are the days of worrying if you left an eye on or if your child might touch the stove unattended. An induction hob that is turned on with no pot or pan atop it will be cool to the touch, even at the highest setting.

Once you set a conductive surface atop it, that item will heat up, the hob itself will never reach temperatures that can cause serious harm. If you have children, or precocious bench hopping pets, an induction hob is the safest choice for your household.

Quality Cooking Made Easy

One of the most reported issues when it comes to home cooking complaints is food burning. While some home cooks employ thermometers or resort to using countertop devices like InstaPots, there are some things that must be done on the hob. Induction tops take the guesswork out of stovetop cooking.

While there is yet to be a device that can stir your food and remove it from the cooktop, induction hobs can provide you with a certain peace of mind for other reasons.

The best induction hobs come with controlled temperature settings built-in power timers for the individual eyes. This means that you have the ability to set a pan on the stovetop, have it get to the correct temperature, and turn itself off when it is finished. That kind of control is what brings your cooktop into the twenty-first century.

In addition to these features, induction hobs are simply more efficient than other hobs by the very nature of the technology they contain. Where other hobs take time to heat up and reach the point where you can begin to cook, induction hobs are ready to go from the moment that you set your pan atop it. This means less time in the cooking and more time for enjoying your meal.

Wipe Away Your Troubles

There are few things worse than cleaning your stovetop. Trying to remove a week's worth of greasy, baked on grime and stains can be a nightmare. If you are the type that cleans the stove after every use, then consider how much time you spend each day doing just that. It's enough to put you off of cooking.

Gas stoves, in particular, are the worst. Not only must you deal with any spilled food or greasy residue, but you are also doing so on a multidimensional surface, with all of the grates and grills that need to be removed and scrubbed in order to achieve the kind of clean one should expect from one's kitchen.

If you are using a glass top electric hob, you may be familiar with the easy that comes from cleaning a solid glass surface. The main issue comes from the food and grease that burns onto the hob over time. With an induction cooktop, however, you get all of the cleaning convenience of an electric hob, and none of the caked-on mess. If you spill something, you simply have to wipe it away, no scrubbing, scraping, or soaking required.

Looks Aren't Everything, But They Help

Any kitchen update is going to come with aesthetic considerations. If your cooktop does not match your decor, it may as well not be worth the upgrade. Traditional gas hobs bring a dated feel and are often hard to upgrade. Electric hobs are a slight improvement, though even they still carry a sort of early two thousand feelings.

Induction hobs are sleek, stylish, come in a variety of styles and many have the extra added bonus of having integrated touch panels. This means no more knobs and awkward buttons that require you to lean over your whole hob to adjust. A new induction hob could be the thing that brings your kitchen into the future.

The Future Is Now

induction technology is being integrated into nearly every facet of kitchen appliance life. From kettels to toasters, it is clear that induction is the way of the future. It is imperative to consider what comes next when you are shopping for the now, and there are many reasons that induction has earned a place as that next.

Features and convenience aside, the most compelling reason to integrate an induction hob into your home is that the longevity of the technology. As homes get smaller and environmental concerns to change, the need for efficient, safe, and low-risk technology has skyrocketed. Adding an induction hob to your kitchen now is an investment that will pay off in dividends later.

Staying Power

Induction cooktops are among some of the most durable new home appliances that you can get. With some models of induction cooktops being rated for over 30,000 hours of cook-time. This comes in large part, to the fact that induction cooktops cook things faster with less strain on the cooktop surface. Meaning from pan to plate, your stove is doing less work for the same results.

So Is An Induction Hob Worth the Price?

Absolutely. Upgrading to an induction hob means upgrading to a clean, safe, efficient, and convenient home improvement. Bring your kitchen into the future with technology that will last you a lifetime. As you go on your journey for the best induction hobs, know that we are here to keep you up-to-date with the latest reviews, prices, and suppliers for your home improvement needs.