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About Invisible Bully

Standing by their mantra, “Only Those That Believe In The Invisible Can Achieve The Impossible”, the Invisible Bully brand represents the struggle and success associated with the street culture of New York City, particularly Brooklyn. The name itself derives from longtime Bad Boy associate D-Roc, the founder of the brand.

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Their story

The Notorious B.I.G. always referred to his right hand man, D-Roc, as his “Invisible Bully” in his lyrics. D-Roc went on to take the jail time for Biggie so Biggie could record his debut album, Ready to Die.

After the success of Ready To Die, Biggie and D-Roc founded the Brooklyn Mint clothing line. Frustrated that they could never find clothes their size, Biggie been wide and D-Roc being tall, the two were inspired to create Brooklyn Mint for big and tall sizes only.

Fast forward 15 years later, Invisible Bully was born. Inspired by the code of loyalty, honor and family that Biggie and D-Roc lived by. This mantra along with their lifestyle and fashion sense has become a blueprint for many rap artists and crew from Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne to Rick Ross.

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Invisible Bully is a statement brand born in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Their DNA is New York hip hop and street culture of the mid to late 90’s. Their brand ethos are the old world principles of family, loyalty, strength and honor. They’re representing “BK to the fullest” in tribute to the legacy of late, great Christopher Wallace AKA the Notorious BIG.
Invisible Bully embodies struggle and success, they are the Underdog and the Champion. They believe authenticity is everything and produce only authentic goods proudly made in the U.S.A. Their brand mission is to inspire greatness. Your mind as the most powerful tool you possess. If you can think it, you can achieve it. Thoughts are invisible and only those that believe in the invisible can achieve the impossible.

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