Just Be Nice Review- Make your T-shirt more special

Hey! Are you looking for some beautiful shirts? It’s time to make your own style. In the Just Be Nice, you can find amazing shirts and can spread the good message from there.Just Be Nice also sells clothes for men, women. In the first time, I come to this online store,I m very impress each item that look beautifull, fun to wear and inspiring for others to join Just Be Nice movement of nice-ness. Finally, we choose 2 T-shirts for 2 of us and I still impress when looking at us in the mirror.

About Just Be Nice

Just Be Nice was born over 20 years ago in Tampa, Florida by its founder George Mason, who swore that the message came to him in a dream. From that day until the day he passed in 2008, it was his daily mission to wake up, put on a JBN t-shirt and plaster the message anywhere and everywhere he could. He put stickers on bus stops, park benches, cop cars, shelves in grocery stores – spreading the constant reminder to be nice consumed every part of his life. After he passed, his two daughters, Finley and Kat, decided to carry on the JBN torch to help push the message forward, and although George is gone, the practice has remained the same – spread a little niceness one day at a time.

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Oustanding feature at Just Be Nice 

High quality
Beautiful, fun to wear
Inspiring for others

Just Be Nice merch’

We don’t define our merchandise as the goods we sell, we consider them the tools we use to spread our good message. With that in mind, we create each item to be good to look at, fun to wear and inspiring for others to join our movement of nice-ness.


At it’s core, Just Be Nice is a social movement fueled by action. Follow us on social media to see what we’re up to, and how we’re making the world a nicer place.


Just be nice is a social movement fueled by action. Being nice is a choice, and we exist to help encourage/remind others to make that choice, even when it’s not the easy one to make. It’s that simple…

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