KC Tool Review: Felo 62681 Felo Automatic Wire Stripper

As you may know, KC Tool has been one of the most credible German tool brands so far thanks to its great quality. In this article, we’ll make a review of Felo 62681, one of the most popular automatic wire strippers. Stay tuned!

The advertised ranges are 10 to 24 American Wire Gauge with an adjustable stripping length of 6 to 15mm.  It carries a 15-year warranty.

When you receive this item, it won’t be packaged in a plastic blister pack. Rather, you can easily access it by sliding it out the back. In addition, when you store it for a long period of time, you can just return it to the packaging without damage. Avoiding wrap rage is a big pro.

The ratchet mechanism of the stripper engages at the end of the handle stroke. You can adjust the length of the strip by using the yellow slide. Detents are installed every one millimetre. You have to ensure both sides of the slider are set to the same value, as it is possible to set only one side to the value you want with the other side being one or two millimetres off.

There is a wire cutter on the top instead of the bottom like other strippers. Occasionally the insulation will remain on the wire for longer stripping lengths, but can easily be pulled off.

Checking a 10mm strip length with callipers we get 10.32mm, which is pretty darn close. Here is a 24 gauge wire, and it has no issues stripping it. Now let’s try a 12 gauge wire.  We can cut it without any issues.  And it strips without any issue.  Measuring the length of cut is 10mm right on the dot.

Now trying a 10 gauge wire.  The first attempt cutting was a fail, as the handle was fully squeezed without cutting through the wire.  Trying again we were able to cut through the wire, but with significant force.  Now let’s try to strip it.   After two attempts, stripping of the wire was aborted to prevent breaking the stripper.  With some more force, it could probably be done, but the handles were starting to significantly flex and felt close to snapping.  Inspecting the unit for damage, it appears to be alright even after these two attempts.

Overall, the stripper works well and the quality is also good. We highly recommend this tool for durable usage.

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