Knowing the shape of your face helps to choose the most befitting hat styles


The perception of hats was quite different for men and women. For men of all classes, hats were the chosen fashion accessories for many years, and there was a time during the 20th century when men could hardly think about venturing out without a hat. On the other hand, during the same period, hats for women were a privilege, mainly for upper-class women like those who attended the Kentucky Derby in the US or The Royal Ascot horse races in the UK like fashion pageants of beautiful ladies who graced the events.

However, things started changing due to the impact of the feminists who launched forceful women's rights movements during the twentieth century that liberalized women.  They set themselves free from the shackles of male domination and became their masters in the choice of fashion and the way they wish to lead their lives.  It was the turning point in the history of hats because straw fedora hat womens became highly popular as more and more women adopted the quintessential headgear, which served the dual purpose of fashion and sun protection. Furthermore, as more and more women ventured outside and spent more time outdoor, they chose to wear different hats that suited the occasion.

Hat styles

Choosing the right hat

If you look up at the website, you will realize how challenging it can be to choose the right hat for you. The wide range of styling options and the variety of hat materials from cloth to suede to leather and straw can put you in a fix as you find it hard to decide which one to settle for. After all, the hat must make you look beautiful besides being highly functional, and it is not at all easy to envisage your looks with the hat on.

Even if you try out different hats, each one could make you feel as if you just made it for yourself, yet you cannot settle for one with a single-minded conviction. The confusion arises because you are unable to figure out the type of hat that suits your face.  Knowing your face shape will make the task easy as you can make a shortlist of hats that go well with the shape of your face.

Determine your face shape with these indicators

Knowing your face shape will help figure out various aspects of fashion, from the best pair of glasses to the most flattering haircut and the most befitting hat style.  Maybe you have never thought about your face shape before, and it can be tricky to ascertain it. Even if you had thought you might not be able to categorize it according to the shape.

As you set out to determine your face shape, pay attention to these aspects of your head and face that helps to categorize the shape.

  • Consider the widest part of your face, whether your forehead, across the cheekbone or the jawline. Measuring the parameters will give you a better understanding of your face shape rather than your head's overall view.
  • The jawline helps to create a particular category of your face shape. For example, consider whether you have a subdued jawline or a strong and noticeable one along with the shape of your chin.
  • It is easier to understand the length of your face that you can measure from the top of the forehead to the chin. So, by looking at your face, you can tell whether it is long or short or in-between.

Based on the above, your face might be long, round, square, heart-shaped, or diamond shaped.

Choosing hats by considering the face shape

Long faces - To balance the length of your face, choose hats that have wide brims like straw hats, Panama hats, etc. The wide brim will offset some of the lengths of the face and make it appear more proportionate. If you prefer Southern-style, then Cowboy hats will suit you fine, while you can also opt for trapper hats with flaps on the sides that balance the features of your face.

Round faces – The shallow crown and angular details of fedoras make it the precise hat for round faces. In addition, beanies during the winter and angled caps can help to create unique styles. Besides fedoras, there are other hat options like Panama hats with angled features that complement the smooth features of your face.

Square faces – Floppy hats add a softer feature to the more defined shape of square faces, and you can achieve the same with sun hats. Any wide-brimmed hat will also suffice to suit the feminine or masculine styles. 

Heart-shaped faces – From baseball caps to Newsboys caps to thin-knit beanies and fedoras – the options are many for heart-shaped faces.

Diamond-shaped faces – Such faces have narrow foreheads, which flat hats can conceal hats, fedoras with wide brims, beanies, and outback hats.

You may never have thought about your face in so many details, but you should do it now to find the appropriate hat style that brings out the best in you.






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