Koa Coffee Review: The Best Coffee In America

About Koa Coffee

Grown in Hawaii, in the Kona Coffee belt, 2500 feet up the side of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano. The Kona Coffee belt is a tiny strip of land, barely 1 mile wide and less than 30 miles long. The combination of rich volcanic soil and Hawaiian sunshine produces one of the best coffees in the world! According to coffee producers in Hawaii.

Koa Coffee roasts the 100% Hawaiian coffees. They have a long tradition with 100% Kona, which won them an award from Forbes as the best coffee in America.

Things you would love at Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee produces premium Hawaiian Coffee – Hand picked, expertly roasted and delivered straight to your door! From award-winning 100% Kona Coffee grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano to the unique Mokka beans of Maui, they provide customers with the best quality and freshness possible.

Since 1997 the coffee has been known far and wide as a product of utmost quality, and our awards prove it – our 100% Kona Coffee has won the coveted Gevalia Cupping Competition, the PCCA Coffee of the Year, and they were featured in Forbes “Top 10 Coffees of the World” in addition to the Forbes’ “50 of America’s Best” as the “Best Coffee in America.”

If you are a coffee connoisseur and want to experience the best Hawaiian coffee has to offer… no blends, no compromise – try the true taste of Aloha.  

Koa Coffee customer reviews

This coffee is the best I’ve had since Europe. It is smooth and satisfying. I used to add sugar to my coffee, not with Koa Coffee! I love it! I had heard about the peaberry coffee before but never had it. Now I’ve tried Kona coffee and generally like it but the version Koa produces from their plantation is pretty special. Very full bodied, a bit of a kick but mostly smooth. It’s interesting how a natural mutation in the coffee bean causes the characteristics to be so different. Most importantly, however, is that it’s tasty.

Absolutely the most flavorful, rich, full bodied Coffee in the Universe!!! I actually experienced euphoria after drinking it!

Definitely the best coffee! It is well worth the money. Has such a smooth flavor with no bitter taste.

There are some simple pleasures in life worth splurging on. This is one of them. Hands down the best coffee anywhere.

Delivery on time. Ground four cups today. Full and robust. No bitterness in the brew. No chaff in the grind. All i need now is the beach! 🙂

The best coffee on the planet. We’ve been enjoying it for years, and it has ruined other coffee for me. If I can’t have Koa, I drink hot chocolate or tea.

Absolutely fabulous..The richness and flavor is wonderful. It’s as though we never had a real coffee experience…thx

This has to be the best way to keep coffee fresh! So glad I ordered it!

Great product! First time user but confident this container will keep our coffee fresh.



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