LOFTEK Review: Brighten Up Your Space With Colours


In an ever-advancing world, it’s important to stay ahead of the technological curve, not behind it. Founded in 2009, LOFTEK strives to light the way to the future with a range of innovative LED devices and consumer electronics. LOFTEK products are sold in various countries across North America, Asia, and Europe. LOFTEK lives on the cutting edge, helping you discover a wonderful life.

Things you would love at LOFTEK

LOFTEK produces a range of LED devices that are functional, high-quality, energy-efficient, and just plain cool. The most popular products include decorative Shape Light, Nova 50W floodlight, and 15W portable cordless floodlight. The brand is constantly improving and expanding their range of products based on customer feedback and the latest advancements in the industry.

You cannot skip the values that LOFTEK brings to you:

LOFTEK acts with integrity and independence by holding themselves and each other accountable, ethical, and reliable in all that we do.

LOFTEK delivers fantastic products with elaborate techniques and professional after-sales service that positively change people’s life.

Customer satisfaction is the primary mission. All feedbacks inspire the company to design better products and deliver more exceptional service.

LOFTEK customer reviews

Great light, really bright. I’ve used it for DJ gigs and works really good even though it’s not sound activated. It is not designed to be sound activated. But it can be useful.

Many options to choose from. I’m using it in a foyer behind a fountain – just beautiful. Much more than I expected.

Wow!! I bought this light a year ago, and the quality has been amazing, it has held up to all kinds of weather and the fact that you can change colors for any holiday is a plus. That by itself is a 5 star review! But what really led me to write this 5 STAR review is their customer service..You can judge a company by that alone, regardless of their product. A year into my ownership, I accidentally broke the remote control that changes the modes and colors of the light. You can pretty much agree that this product without the controller would be hard to fully enjoy. So a year into ownership, I contacted LOFTEK hoping that I could get a replacement controller ( with me purchasing it, of course, given that I had broken the controller). Within 10 hours of my email, Cassandra from customer service was helping me with getting additional details about the purchase. Within 48 hours I already had a replacement controller unit being processed by Amazon and was getting ready to be shipped to me. 96 hours later, the amazon box arrived with…..wait for it……..not only one, but two replacement controllers!!!!!! And your next question should be: \Well how much did that cost you?

Bought two of these lights for my backyard oasis. They are easy to use, the remote is simple and easy. So far no issues. I have them both set to a timer which turns both on at the same time. Will test the random colours when it warms up a little. Mounted the lights to a piece of 2\x6\”x12\” and buried the wood into the ground and covered with landscape rock.”

Saw these in a restaurant and fell in love with them, got them in about 5 different shapes and sizes, totally brighten up my outdoor living space in the evening, as I spend a lot of time outside, not cheap, well worth the money and love the fact u can change colors, light lasts a long time before needing to be recharged, u won’t be disappointed

I really didnt expect this light to be able to change colors at my discretion. What I mean is, I thought the lights might change on their own but I can choose if I want blue or pink or yellow or white. Its a good quality lamp the light is soft, it looks great in my husbands light room. We had purchased a smaller egg lamp that was battery-operated and loved that one so much we wanted one that could plug-in. This one is perfect for us.

Great product, looks and feels like is made of quality material. I have used for pet stains and it worked great. Although it is very bright you still want to use in low light for best results.

Based on my knowledge of product it works very well. Bright and illuminates the entire area. The service and company follow up was excellent.

Cool product that is quite compact and light for its brightness level. The \police siren\” setting is fun for kids.”



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