Lush Black Friday 2019: Best Deals to Expect

Black Friday 2019 is about to explode globally and we are looking forward to the tycoons in the beauty industry offering the most attractive deals and discounts. Surely the majority of beauty followers hear about the famous brand called Lush and are looking forward to their sale storm. Reading this post, you will know what you can expect from Lush Black Friday 2019.

Lush Black Friday products
Lush Mask

If you intend to hunt for Lush great skincare products at this Black Friday, unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that until now the company has not yet made a move for the upcoming black friday sale. But don’t be sad, another Lush’s sales campaign is still attractive enough to hold your feet.

About Lush

About Lush Black Friday Sale
Lush Introduction

Headquartered in the UK, Lush has long been well-known as one of the largest natural cosmetic brands in the world with over 900 stores in 50 different countries.

Not only does it produce 100% natural products, Lush is determined to become a “for the environment” brand through the process of delivering finished products to consumers. For instance, all soap products have no packaging at the showroom, and when shipped to customers, they will be covered in recycled paper which is easily destroyed.

Lush Black Friday Truth

Lush Black Friday Truth
Lush Black Friday Truth

During major holidays, Lush always releases new products to meet the increasing beauty needs of people regardless of ages or genders. However, the company has long been known to always opt out of the Black Holiday sale season that rocked the world. Perhaps it’s particularly due to the fact that they originate from beautiful Britain where Black Friday is not focused.

Lush Boxing Day, Another Saving Solution

Lush Boxing Day Sale Instead of Black Friday

The lack of Lush Black Friday sale is offset by their huge discount event called Boxing Day that will take place on December 26 after Christmas. So let’s keep an eye out here and on Lush’s social media pages for details about that special event. That’s when you may see an entire page of buy-one get-one free deals ranging from chocolatey face masks to salt-studded bath bombs at both their stores and online site. Remember to be super quick because they usually sell out their popular items at a glance.

Lush Black Friday Deals

Lush Black Friday Deals
Lush Products

As mentioned above, it is rare to see any Black Friday sales from Lush. Nevertheless, we still strive to source the best Black Friday discounts, promo codes and hot deals so that you can grab the lowest price from Lush.

Upcoming Lush Black Friday Items

Lush Black Friday Perfume
1000 Kisses Deep

This romantic perfume is a tribute to devotion, capturing all the nuanced sweetness that comes with a love that’s lasted.

Lush Black Friday Perfume

The perfume has a fine fizzy fragrance may be just the thing to get you in the dancing mood. It opens with a sweet citrus combination of lime and Brazilian orange oils.
… And many more Lush Black Friday products!

In short, in Black Friday 2019, even though Lush may not be participating, you can still either expect their large sale campaign after Christmas or choose extremely hot new Lush products on Black Friday. Besides, there are tons of greatest deals and promotions waiting for you to take.

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