Matched Betting: The Bet You Cannot Lose


Imagine there was a way to guarantee profit from sports betting.

Or even better…

Imagine you make profit not only once but over and over again toearn thousands of Euros.

You’d probably want to know how.

Let’s tell you about a betting technique that is risk-free, easy to learn and very profitable; and perfect for you!

What is Matched Betting?

The online market for bookmakers is extremely competitive. To attractyour business and ensure you keep betting with them, bookmakers give out freebets and bonuses as incentives.

Matched Betting is a risk-free betting technique that guarantees profit from exactly these bookmaker bonuses and free bets.

The technique relies on maths, rather than luck. It has nothing todo with gambling.

When Matched Betting you always place two bets.

The first bet is called a back bet and here you bet with a bookmakeron e.g. Germany to win.

Then you place another bet with a betting exchange on Germany to notwin. This is the lay bet.

Regardless of the result of the game one of your two bets wins.

What about a draw?  If thegame ends in a draw, Germany did not win the game. Hence, your betting exchangebet wins.

By betting on all outcomes of a game, the result is no longerrelevant.

What is Matched Betting?

Here is How You Guarantee Profit from Bookmaker Welcome Offers

The most common welcome offer in Germany is one, where you get a100% welcome bonus of up to €100 on your first deposit.

If you deposit €100 into your bookmaker account, you get another€100 and hence have €200 in total to bet with.

So far so good.

The catch is that you cannot just withdraw your €200.

The bonus comes with a wagering requirement, meaning that you mustplace bets of a certain value before you can take out your cash.

Often, this wagering requirement amounts to €500-€600. This maysound like a lot but actually, you continue to bet with the money you havealready deposited and therefore there’s no need to deposit any more money to meetthe requirement.

By using Matched Betting, you get guaranteed profit from bookmaker welcomeoffers.

Here is how.

bookmaker welcome offers.

First you find afootball game to bet on with a bookmaker.

Let’s say youchoose Manchester United to beat Liverpool at odds 2,10 and want to place a €10bet. This is the back bet. If your back bet wins your profit is £11 (€10 x 2,10 = €21 – the stake of €10 = €11).

The next step isvery important, and the reason Matched Betting is risk free.

You now place abet with a betting exchange for Manchester United to not win the game. This isthe lay bet. Let’s say the odds are 2,20 and you lay €9,54 with a liability of€11,45.

Here is thebreakdown of your back and lay bet.

the breakdown of your back and lay bet

As you can seeyou will lose €0,61 or €0,62 no matter of the outcome of the game.

So How does that Guarantee Profit?

In order to fulfill the wagering requirement, you have to place €500 worth of bets. That is 50 bets of €10. As the example above illustrates you can expect to lose €0,62 per €10 bet.

50 bets with aloss of €0,62 is €31.

If we thensubtract the €31 from the €100 bonus, your guaranteed profit is €100-€31 = €69.

Guarantee Profit

Bespoke MatchedBetting software will not only do the calculations for you, but it also findsthe best game to bet on.

Sounds good,right?

Complete the Wagering Requirement Faster

Now, 50 bets of€10 sounds like a lot of work. Don’t worry though, there are ways to speed upthe process.

Firstly, youdon’t have to place €10 bets.

You can alsoplace 10 bets of €50. That makes it already look easier.

Secondly, you won’tnecessarily have to complete the wagering requirement.

Let’s assumeyour back bets lose with the bookmaker and the lay bets win with the bettingexchange.

The €200 fromyour bookmaker account will have moved into your betting exchange account.Since your bookmaker account is empty, you are actually not able to completethe wagering requirement. 

That’s reallythe best outcome.

How do I Know What to Bet on?


You use the DoppelWetten Oddsmatcher.

This matched betting tool will find the gamesfor you to bet on and do all the calculations for you.

All you have to do is place the bets with afew clicks.

place the bets with a few clicks

How Profitable is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is very profitable.

At the time of writing there are over 70 bookmakers welcome offerson the DoppelWetten website with a combined bonus of over €7000.

And welcome offers are just the beginning. Even when you havecompleted them all there is plenty of money to be made from matched betting.

Can I still do Matched Betting if I don’t live in Germany?

Yes you can.

The DoppelWetten Oddsmatcher has nearly 200 different bookmakers, soyou will certainly find bookmakers that are available in your country.

It is also really easy to find bookmaker promotional offers. Startwith the bookmakers you know. Just go to their website and you will see their currentwelcome offer.

You can also just google bookmaker + [your country] e.g. bookmaker +Germany. The result will bring a mix of bookmaker sites and various lists ofavailable bookmakers.

You can make thousands from welcome offers alone.

What Happens after I have Completed the Welcome Offers?

Making money from Matched Betting doesn’t end once you havecompleted the welcome offers.

The fun continues.

You can still earn money once you are done with the welcome offers.

In Matched Betting terms, these are called reload offers and areoffers and bonuses that are available to existing customers.

Happy Matched Betting.






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