Movement For Modern Life Review-Unlimited online yoga classes from the best teachers

In yoga, practice makes perfect, and you can go at your own pace. Movement For Modern Life allows you to do so with the help of many professional instructors, the best teachers, yoga, meditation, and various video online premium classes stored on your computer. They understand that while your schedule may not be flexible, it’s possible for you to be, which is why this service is so beloved. Perform anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. It’s your practice; make it perfect.

About Movement For Modern Life

Movement for Modern Life: Your Antidote to Modern Life. For busy lives, find room to breathe and space to grow. A handpicked selection of the very best teachers, this is yoga in your own time.

Founder of Movement for Modern Life, Kat Farrants who practice yoga for 20 years. Kat used to work for many years in the city as a lawyer and found that she’d spend all day making sure she could leave the office on time to get to her favorite teacher. Invariably, she’d miss class. So she spent more time stressing about getting to class than her job! Oops! Then she moved to the countryside in the middle of nowhere and where her yoga teachers? There was nothing else for it. She left the daily grind and decided it was time to let the best teachers come to her so that, finally, the class could fit into her schedule.

She believes that life really is better when we move more, breathe more deeply, and start to live a little more consciously. Movement for her has been fundamental in healing deep physical and emotional wounds, as well as simply bringing joy into the day. She would love for people to experience these online classes which range from 5 mins to 1.5 hours as a tool in their toolbox for life. She loves all kinds of movement, yoga is a particularly good form as it moves the body in every different way at once, but it’s just moving and breathing. There is no need to wait until you drum up the courage to get to a studio, no need to look a certain way or fit into expensive yoga gear, just move, move in your pj's, move in your dodgy tracksuit bottoms, move at home, in the office, wherever you are. And keep on moving for health, happiness, and strength.

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Oustanding feature at Movement For Modern Life

Videos from just 2 minutes to full 90 min classes, searchable by the benefit you’re looking for. Want to chill? Or energize? Our search will find the right class for you.

Start your journey with our free trial and move to beautifully curated videos from beginner to an advanced level featuring the best teachers in the UK and beyond.

FREE 14-day trial, from just £10.99/month unlimited access to over 1,000 videos – 3 brand new videos a week and unlimited access to our daily challenges.


  • All the classes you get on Movement for Modern Life but now available with one touch of the button.
  • Browse through our classes on the App and filter by the teacher, benefit, duration, and style.
  • Synchronize your account seamlessly, whether you’re using our website or our App.
  • Access your Favourites on the App, and then download your top 10 favorite device devices more:

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