9 Best Chrome & Mirror Nail Polish Colors In 2019

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Gone Glamping


Instead of a mermaid’s fin, how about mermaid fingernails? The sea-goddess look is an evolving trend, from wearing fin bottoms at the pool to collecting memorabilia and dying your hair pastel shades. Bottom line? Bottom-of-the-sea is kind of sexy, and with summer rolling around, this China Glaze gem will be our go-to for nights on the boardwalk or afternoons at the beach.

Color Club in Sorry, Not Sorry


Light on the glitz, heavy on the glam, Color Club’s rosy hue with hints of gold was designed with a Tri-Chrome technology to give off a multihued effect. Fancy, right? It’s romantic with a modern twist, and we’re all wanting access to this club.

Essie Nail Polish in Nothing Else Metals


Lavender is lovely, but lavender with a twist? Edgy. We’re intrigued by this good-girl-gone-(slightly)-bad polish, that’s versatile enough to wear with lace or leather.

ZOYA Nail Polish in Adina

Just in case one chrome polish wasn’t sufficient enough, ZOYA’s dichromatic polish combines green and magenta to create an oil-slick look that’s appropriate at all times of the day.

Formula X Chrome Nail Polish in Vroom


Everything’s coming up rose gold this season, and nails are no exception to the trend. Formula X is putting their own spin on the shade, adding metallic shimmer to their chromatic polish. It’s quite festive and super captivating. You’ll have him at first handshake.

Julep Nail Lacquer in Sunny Boho Glam


Sunny with a strong chance of chrome, Julep’s peppy pigment is our go-to for making a positive impact. After all, it’s hard not to feel mellow when painting nails yellow! Swipe on a coat before a big test or presentation, for good vibes all around.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Stone Jungle


The future is now, and Marc Jacobs’ chromatic silver has us envisioning flying cars and talking robots (some day!). Stone Jungle is a superior lacquer made with patented bonding agents offering a plasticized finish.

Deborah Lippmann in Autumn in New York


Led Zeppelin said it first: All that glitters is gold. Leave it to Deborah Lippmann to take the phrase oh so literally, and infused glistening specs into her NY-inspired polish.