Oofy Review- Boost your confidence with oofy shoes

OOFY is a designer brand that also happens to be one of the best formal shoes brands.As a general rule of thumb, if you need something that’s formal, for work, weddings, or otherwise – consider OOFY. They provide a guaranteed level of quality that they are proud of, and they are not particularly expensive either.

To judge whether something is worth the investment is to know whether it is worth the price point, and we believe that OOFY shoes are definitely worth the price, in most cases. They offer competitive rates whilst really caring about the quality that they provide.

Oofy Overview

Are you tired of feeling limited by something completely out of your control? Your height, perhaps? Well thankfully, we have your solution and it’s an easy one: wear OOFY Shoes. Our premium quality elevator shoes instantly give you an increase in height up 7cm (2.75 inches). Slip on your new elevator shoes and immediately feel an increase not only in height, but also in confidence. 

You may be wondering, though: who exactly wears elevator shoes? Should I be embarrassed? The simple answer is absolutely not! Since the build up of support is inside the shoe, these extra inches added are completely invisible. Nobody will ever suspect you’re wearing height increasing shoes. And, with a purchase of our shoes, you’ll be joining an elite group of men who are already reaping the confidence boosting benefits of OOFY shoes, including: police officers, bouncers, musicians, teachers, lawyers, celebrities, real estate agents and everything in-between. OOFY shoes are truly for anyone and everyone with a need for a height increase.

Did you know that 90 percent of company chief executives are above average height? It’s a simple fact: in our society, height matters. With our elevator shoes, you’ll feel more attractive, more authoritative, more confident, and quite simply, happier. If a happier, more confident you is in order, you’ve come to the right place. Together, let’s eliminate your height insecurities and give you that extra boost of confidence with OOFY’s height increasing shoes. Read more about Height Benefits.

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  • Leather

We’ve used the finest quality calf leather for the design of our shoes. No synthetic leathers ever used here. Not only will a finer leather increase the life of your shoe, it also provides a more luxurious look, which is guaranteed to make any style-conscious man happy.

  • Rubber/Polyurethane

Where leather is not used, you’ll find we’ve used the highest quality thermoplastic rubber or polyurethane. We’ve used these materials to ensure your shoe is durable and can withstand the test of time.

  • Polyether

For the height increaser, we’ve used a quality polyether material. The material is soft, light, flexible, and breathable. You probably won’t even notice it’s there. It’s that natural feeling.


  • Outsole

But of course, even with finest quality materials used, a shoe is only as good as its construction. Each OOFY shoe is individually nailed, stitched, and glued together. We are extremely diligent where quality is concerned, so you can rest assured this process is always completed with the utmost care.

  • Height Increase  

You’ll find the polyether insole is constructed using a beehive design. This increases stability and allows for greater stress division when wearing your shoe.


15° Gold Angle

Not surprisingly, we also pride ourselves on the quality of our actual height increase. You may find other companies offer height increasing shoes, but they’re simply not comfortable. We’ve cleverly designed our elevator shoe to have what we call the 15° Gold Angle. We’ve found that elevating the foot at a 15° angle is the perfect compromise for ensuring our customers get the height increase they are looking for, but also that they’re comfortably able to go about their everyday business while wearing the OOFY shoe.


  • 7cm Taller

And, probably most importantly, we have to remind you that not only are you purchasing a premium, well constructed shoe, the OOFY shoe is also going to give you that height increase you’ve been searching for. Simply purchase your shoe, slip it on, and automatically you’re 7cm (2.75 inches) taller.

The things you would love at Oofy

You’ll never question quality with OOFY shoes. From fine calf leather on the outside to top quality polyurethane on the inside, OOFY Shoes are constructed to be the highest quality height increasing shoes available on the market.

Stop sacrificing style for comfort. With our elevator shoes, you get both. We designed OOFY Shoes to be perfectly suited for the modern man, with style always in mind. Increase your height and your style all in one? Done.

Pay for a premium product at an affordable cost. We’ve cut the middle man out to give you the fairest price on our top quality elevator shoes. We want our confidence boosting, stylish shoes to be affordable for all. Mission accomplished.

Oofy policies

  • You must contact customer service within 14 days from your purchase date to issue a return/exchange. We will no longer accept returns/exchanges after this 14 day period
  • The cost of shipping for your return will be deducted from your total
  • Shoes must be returned in original condition (leather creases and marked outsoles will void the return). Please ensure your shoes have not been worn before issuing a return/exchange
  • To avoid a restocking fee, all packaging must be returned with the shoes
  • Refunds can not be issued after an exchange has been made  

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