Must-Try Pompadour Haircuts


For a long time, pompadour styles have been the go-to style for most men. The style is easy to achieve and has many variations. You could get it short or long, disconnected or paired with an undercut. There are also styling products that help the hairdo remain in style.

The style is not picky with hair types and face shape, but guys with a round face rarely wear it. Pompadour tends to round the face more, but people of other face shapes can rock it and look great. We got some of the newest styles and how to style and care for your pompadour style. Take a peek.

  1. Get The Pompadour Hairdo

Once you decide to go pompadour way, it is recommended that you take pictures with you to the barber. It will be easier to explain what you want, and they will have a reference. Although some pompadour cuts are easy to style, your description might not be easy to understand.

  1. The Energetic Pompadour

The energetic pompadour is easy to achieve. The style features short sides and some length on top. Any razor length can buzz the sides. If your hair is short, guard #2 will be a suitable razor, and guard #5 is ideal for people with long hair.

  1. Best Products To Use For Buzz Cuts

Hairstyles require products to remain in place. The pompadour relies mainly on pomade for a firm hold. According to MensHaircuts, this product also gives a glossy shine to the hair. When buying pomades, look for water-based ones. They are easy to wash and don’t leave the hair greasy.

  1. How To Style Buzz Cuts

Pompadours are the best styles when the hair is a dump. When styling, start by applying the pomade first. Part the hair using a comb, and then style the pompadour. The style is not easy to achieve, so you need to be patient with yourself.

  1. Step 1

You first begin with coating the hair into the pomade. Scoop a generous amount of the pomade and apply it to the hair. You can also do so by lifting the hair with comp and then going in with the product. Comb the hair backward towards your neck to ensure the pomade is evenly distributed.

  1. Step 2

Use a comb to part your hair. Choose a parting line and comb the hair in opposite directions. Ensure the left and right sides are combed in an outward direction.

  1. Step 3

Make the pompadour. Using a comb, lift the hair this parted and combed it backward, with a rolling motion. You want the pompadour to be curved, so you can use your fingers to achieve the style. Having pictures to refer to is easier.

The length of the pompadour depends on your hair size. If you want a short pompadour, comb the hair downwards and for a long one, comb your hair upwards.

  1. Pompadour Hairdos To Try

  1. Brushed Up Pompadour

The brushed-up pompadour features a mixture of old and new pompadour styles. The barber gives the sides an undercut and styles the top wavy, which gives the sides and the top a definition.

  1. Thin Hair Low Fade

One thing people with thin hair crave is volume. Pompadour styles easily give volume, as they make the hair stylish. Use hair products with a low fade to provide the hair with extra lift.

  1. Puff

If you prefer your hair loose and more relaxed, try the puff. Add an undercut to make the style visible. Finger comb the pompadour to give it visible waves at the front of the head.

  1. Combed Style With A Fade

People looking for a style to wear to school or the office can try this one. It suits well with a medium pompadour, and the fades don’t go unnoticed.

  1. A Taper Fade And Brushed Top

Finger combing the hair gives you lose waves. You also use a hand brush to achieve pompadour styles easily.

  1. Skin Fade

People who like to show some skin can always get the skin fade. The fade gives more statement to the pompadour and draws attention. Besides, it is an easy cut to style and maintains. You won’t need a lot of hair products to maintain it like when you have long or medium styles.





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