Summer is coming and the swimming pool is a great place to refresh and rejuvenate you and your family. There is nothing better than brimming into the cool water and playing some interesting game, your kids are going to like this so much. Let’s turn your pool into a real party this summer with these kid-approved pool toys.

1.Inflatable Giant Beach Ball

Grab a pair of shark nets for a simple game of toss-and-catch. Each net is created with fade-resistant materials, so your sharks will look good as new at the end of the season. Tip: Play during Shark Week!

2.Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Louie Lobster Pool Toy

This cool toy presents a perfect challenge for tots to master in the baby pool. The squeeze-and-release lobster is easy to use, and your little lobster will love catching all the fish(ies) in the claws.

3.Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider Pool Toy

This pool toy is seriously one of the coolest out there. Simply adjust the wings, hold the tail of the stingray under your foot, and release to watch it glide quickly and freely through the water. Kids have a blast racing to catch it!

4.Anmei Pocket Soaker Pool Toy E

This set of six pocket soakers will be a serious hit at the next pool party. They’re perfect for playing with in the water or on the grass! Just watch out — your kid will be dying to “cool you off” with one.

5.Watermelon Ball Pool Toy

Looks can be deceiving! Your kiddo might be confused at first, because this lightweight beach ball looks just like a watermelon. It’s a perfect alternative to the traditional beach ball.

6.Toypedo Bandits

Toypedo Bandits are perfect for pool games with siblings or friends, or using to perfect diving skills. Each water toy features a silly, brightly colored face, so kids can easily spot them underwater.

7.Conquer Baby Mermaid Pool Toy

Pull the mermaid’s crown and watch her glide gracefully through the water, like a true mermaid. It’s perfect for tots to play with in the baby pool, or for big kids to play with. Who’s ready for a mermaid race?!

8.Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float E

Who knew unicorns loved the water so much? Well, now you know the kiddos will never have to go for a swim (ever again!) without their favorite companion. The best part? Parents can simply inflate the giant, majestic creature with a hairdryer.

9.Moluk Plui Blue

Ready for an intense giggle fest? Kids have the time of their lives squeezing the water-filled toy and watching skinny streams exit the body of the ball looking like rain. Little ones in the kiddie pool will learn about controlling pressure as they experiment with releasing the water slowly … or quickly!

10.Inflatable Giant Beach Ball E

If your family turns to a classic inflatable beach ball for some fun in the sun, inflate the fun-factor this summer and bring home this giant beach ball. It’s the little things — well, in this case, it’s technically the big things …