SAT Prep Course Review: Prep Expert Vs Veritas Prep

It’s not easy to find which SAT prep course is best for you while SAT is a difficult exam and will make an impact on your future as well as your college admissions process.

So in this article, we’ll provide you with a comparison of these two best SAT prep courses: Prep Expert and Veritas Prep.

SAT Prep Course at Prep Expert

The SAT Prep Courses at Prep Expert are probably the best preparation for your exam you can find in the market because they offer the best values with their courses.

Prep Expert offers the courses in 3 different types: live in-person, live online, and on-demand online course. The live online course is the most popular one in which you can take live in-classroom courses and study right in front of your computer.

These courses are really quality as you are taught by 99th percentile instructors, which are the best in the business. One simple reason for their highest quality is the courses are designed by a perfect SAT scorer, who is also Prep Expert founder. The dedicated instructors are always there for you, and you can ask any questions and clarifications in the live classroom sessions.

The live classroom classes include 60 classroom hours, which is 2-3 times longer than courses in other places. Why is that? Because Prep Expert wants you to spend the extra hours to go more in-depth on your problems. You also have 4 proctored exams in the course, so it is useful to gauge the correct speed to go through the exam.

The review course has a special extra: the 100 strategies instructed by a perfect score student. You’ll also receive 5 books written by the founder of Prep Expert. These are all great documents for your exam preparation.

We really cannot find any flaws with this company’s review course offerings. Because of their highest quality and flawless classes, we rank Prep Expert’s SAT review course as our best overall and best value SAT review course.

It’s really hard to find out any flaws with SAT Prep Expert course, to be honest. Their best guarantee in the business with a 200-point score improvement guarantee, their highest quality classes can be introduced with these brief features:


  • 200-point score improvement guarantee
  • 99th percentile class instructors
  • 60-course hours in 6 weeks
  • 100 strategies by a perfect score student
  • Shark Tank winning company

Cons: None

SAT Prep Course at Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep also provides very high quality courses. Like other major test preparation companies, Veritas offers its classes in live in-person, live online, and on-demand online varieties. The live online option is their most popular.

Just like with the top choice on our list, Veritas offers class instructors that have only scored 99th percentile or higher on the actual exam. These teachers are literally in the top 1% of everyone that has taken the exam, meaning that they are of very high quality. They will be able to answer any question that you have about the test or any problems located within.

Along with the high-quality class instructors, you also get unlimited instructor access. You can email your instructor at any time to get help while practicing on your own for the test. The classes also offer online live office hours so that you can ask questions to your teacher directly outside of normal class hours, a feature exclusive to Veritas.

With 25 classroom hours instead of the industry standard 18, Veritas uses this extra time to go over more advanced questions to help increase the students’ scores. Some other test preparation companies stick to just the basics, but Veritas makes sure that advanced students are not left waiting to get to the harder questions. Throughout the classes, the students are encouraged to learn by doing. This technique really ingrains the different concepts so that they are easier to use on test day.

Like most other test preparation companies, Veritas offers a score increase guarantee. They ensure that the student’s score will increase from a prior exam taken. This is not as good as Prep Expert’s 200-point guarantee, but it is still adequate, nonetheless.

One flaw that the Veritas review courses have against the top pick on our list is that they only offer 25 course hours. Although this is higher than the industry standard of 18, it is still small in comparison to that of Prep Expert’s 60 hours.

Because of its many strengths and very few flaws, we rank Veritas’ SAT preparation courses as the 2nd best overall on our list of the top rated SAT review classes.


  • 99th percentile teachers
  • Designed for more advanced students in mind
  • Live online office hours
  • Score increase guarantee


  • Less classroom hours than Prep Expert

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