[Review] Instamic Recorder: Is Instamic really quality as rumored?

If you specialize in video-making or any job that requires recording, that finding out a quality recorder is very important. In the process of seeking, many of you has probably heard the name “Instamic” and a lot of positive reviews on it. So, is Instamic really quality as rumored? Let us clarify in this article.

Strength of Instamic

Firstly, let’s point out the strong points of this product.


Super tiny design

Nowadays, many of technology products become popular due to being hand-held and portable. This is also a plus of Instamic recorder. It is very friendly for your mobile device with a super-tiny design. With magnet, tape and velcro mounting options, you can bring it wherever you go. Based on the real experience, videomakers significantly appreciate this feature because they have to move a lot to get the best results of filming.

Remote control and easily monitor the audio

Another plus of Instamic’s recorder is wireless, which makes user convenient in remote controlling. With this feature, you can monitor the audio quality through Bluetooth on your Android or iOS device. Specifically, Instamic contains 3 LEDs onboard working as a VU Meter. You can monitor the sound level through a digital VU meter and listen to the audio in real-time with your headphones while you are controlling Instamic using your mobile device.


Waterproof simply indicates the ability of the device to prevent water from getting inside under certain conditions. This must be the feature that a quality recorder needs. It is also the testimonial for saying that you can bring it wherever you go. Here, you can take Instamic up to 3.2 feet underwater for 30 minutes max.

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Does Instamic have any weaknesses?


No technology device is perfect. Instamic also includes some limitations. As mentioned before, this device can be underwater for 30 minutes max. This may be a problem that many will consider. However, the time of 30 minutes is much better to compare to some mini mirophone recorders on the market today.

Additionally, many customers also asked what the maximum recording time of Instamic is. It depends on the recording format you choose. Currently, the maximum recording time is up to 14hrs at 48 kHz / 24 bits Mono and 7hrs at 48 kHz / 24 bits Dual Mono (Instamic), Dual mono, Stereo, M/S (Instamic Pro) uncompressed audio (LPCM WAV format). Besides, for each time of charging, you can get 3 hours of using, which varies depending on charging time, temperature and storage conditions.

In addition, price is also not an issue when buying this recorder. It costs about $169 each, which deserves Instamic quality . They also sells many accompanying products such as windshields, covers, USB Cables in order to meet user demand. In general, it is quite worth your choice.