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List Of 2019 DAC REVIEWS. Our Top Picks for 2020

2019 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide: DACs | The Absolute Sound


Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS $74 About the size of a small box of wooden matches, the Cambridge DacMagic XS is one of the smallest and lightest portable DACs reviewer Steven Stone has seen. It measures approximately 2 1/8" by 1 1/8" by 3/8" and weighs under 4 oz. On one end you’ll find a micro-USB input and on the other end is a 3.5mm stereo output.

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At Last...The Ultimate DAC Buyers Guide (2019 Edition ...


2019 Updates Not so much has changed but there are some super-interesting DACs that I’d like to talk about this year including the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital. Stay tuned! Stay tuned! Happy New 2018!

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Recommended Components: 2019 Edition Digital Processors ...


Digital Processors Editor's Note: The sound of any particular CD transport/digital processor combination will be dependent on the datalink used-see "Bits is Bits?" by Christopher Dunn and Malcolm Omar Hawksford, Stereophile, March 1996, Vol. 19 No.3 (WWW). Unless mentioned, processors are limited to 32/44.1/48kHz sample rates. To be included in Class A+, a digital processor must be capable of ...

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DAC Reviews | The Ear


Streamer DAC & integrated amplifier. Mar 2020. 2019 was without doubt, my year for Italian audio, and the foremost brand for me was Gold Note. I loved their PH-10 phono stage and PSU enough to buy them for my own system, so I was very intrigued indeed when John Simm of...

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Digital Processor Reviews |


I still have Stereophile's review samples of the UltraJitterBug and VSP, along with two contemporary DACs: a PS Audio UltraLink and a Parts Connection Assemblage DAC-1. As our reviews of these products were published before Paul Miller's and the late Julian Dunn's development of the "J-Test" diagnostic signal, I performed J-Test jitter ...

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Five DACs Every Audiophile Should Hear | AudioStream


 · Five DACs Every Audiophile Should Hear… Hyperbole? Perhaps to some, but I’m being serious because every digital-centric music lover has been there at one time or another. Doing our best to not look too interested in a DAC or some file-based accoutrement at a show or hi-fi shop. Usually failing. Eyes darting fleetingly over the unit’s polished silver, or black lines, (those seem to be the ...

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DAC Reviews | AudioStream


Audio Note DAC 5 Special Review: The $43,500 Question Rafe Arnott | Nov 09, 2019 When I was growing up my father spoke to me about the danger of hyperbole – I was 11 or 12 years old at time.

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DAC & DAP Review Archives - The Audiophile Man


DAC & DAP Review Streaming & Digital Review UX1 Multimedia Player From Advance Part of a family of compact products from France’s Advance, Paul Rigby reviews the UX1 Multimedia Player Compact and almost cube-like (kinda), the UX1 looks stylish, enough to attract the lifestyle user… 15th March 2019

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DAC Reviews | InnerFidelity


My previous review here on InnerFidelity was a large black box with a forest of vacuum tubes rising up from its surface, and nary a digital function to be found. Almost diametrically opposed to that, the Oppo HA-1 ($1199) took up residence immediately thereafter in my review cue—gleaming silver, LCD display, remote control, and as modern an integrated DAC/Headphone amp as one could imagine.

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Best DAC's of 2020 - Audiophile On


 · In fact, many DAP manufacturers themselves have contributed to the rise of the external DAC by kindly including line outs on even modestly priced DAP units. The market for external units has grown at an exponential pace and there is a lot to chose from. For me, there are 2 distinct advantages of owning external DACs.

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2019 Dac Reviews
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