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How I Became A Minimalist Overnight - OC Mom Collective


 · It’s a new year and the minimalist movies and blogs are all everyone is talking about. Then Lent comes and the 40 days / 40 trash bags meme and groups pop up. Everyone says take baby steps and do it gradually. Well at the end of 2013, I moved from a 1500 sq ft 3 […]

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How to Become a Minimalist (4 Steps) | Antimaximalist


How to be a minimalist overnight. Some people immediately feel a strong connection to the idea of minimalism. If that’s you, you might just want to dive right into things and be a minimalist overnight. While I’m not one for impulsive approaches myself, if you feel comfortable, just take a whole day to put every item you feel is an excess in ...

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Become a minimalist overnight - Angie Salama


 · Become a minimalist overnight. My journey to finding the value of my life started with a hate comment on youtube. It made me realize how much stuff was cluttering my life. I tried to reduce as fast as possible. I was disgusted with my consumerist behavior honestly. Searching all over the internet I found tips scattered everywhere.

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How to Become a Minimalist and Love It - Porch


 · Adopting a minimalist lifestyle isn’t the secret to endless happiness and contentment, though. It’s a journey you’ve started, freeing up more time, space, and money for more meaningful pursuits. As you find balance in your day-to-day life, the benefits of a minimalist’s life will become clear: simplicity, focus, and peace.

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32 Tips on Becoming a Minimalist • The Rustic Elk


 · 32 Tips on Becoming a Minimalist This is a list, albeit not complete on things that you should seriously consider getting rid of in your home. Like I said, if it serves no purpose, if it doesn’t bring you joy, if it doesn’t make your space feel like you want it to feel… get rid of it.

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