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Four Must-Have Bass Lures For Florida | Outdoor Life


Four Must-Have Bass Lures For Florida. Fishing. Hell or Highwater on the New River. Fishing. A Whitewater Fishing Adventure on The New River. Survival. Murder Hornets are Coming (But Probably Not for You) Hunting. How to Butcher and Cook Wild Turkey Thighs and Drumsticks. Fishing. How to …

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The Best Lures for Florida Bass | Gone Outdoors | Your ...


The Best Lures for Florida Bass. Shiners. If big bass are the goal, there is no better bait in Florida than a live shiner fished with or without a bobber. Shiners are at their ... Soft Jerkbaits. Spinnerbaits. Lipless Crankbaits. Jigs. Thick vegetation is home to many of Florida's biggest bass and ...

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Pro Advice: Best Topwater Lures and Tips for Florida Bass


Lane switches to the Barry’s Custom Lures prop bait when Florida bass are feeding in and around bluegill beds, usually anytime from May through July. “The Barry’s Custom is a much more aggressive topwater bait than the Devil’s Horse or Boy Howdy,” Lane detailed.

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2019 Best Bass Fishing in Florida with Local Experts ...


Florida has a multitude of bass species you can catch. By far, the most common is the Florida largemouth bass. In addition, many travelers to South Florida also enjoy catching the exotic peacock bass. Also, you can catch sunshine bass, spotted bass, and striped bass.

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Top 10 Baits from Lake Okeechobee - FLW Fishing: Bass ...


 · Top 10 Baits from the Cup at Hamilton. by Curtis Niedermier and Charles Waldorf. While there weren’t too many patterns in play at the 2019 FLW Cup at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Ark., the nature of an August tournament in the South forced most of the top finishers to mix in a bunch of baits to catch their fish.

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Tips on Largemouth Bass Fishing in Small Lakes in Florida ...


Bait Fishing in Florida Florida has a reputation for producing some of the biggest bass in the United States. One of the best ways to catch them - in small and large lakes alike - is with a live,...

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Tips from the Pros for Largemouth Bass | FWC


A popular technique with Florida bass anglers is punching grass mats. The grass can be anything, including hydrilla, hyacinths, chopped up Kissimmee grass or water lettuce. Bass in Florida love to bury themselves in and under these grass mats. To be successful with this technique, be sure you are using proper equipment.

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The Ultimate Guide to Largemouth Bass Fishing in Florida


While professional bass anglers use artificial lures on the tournament trail, the bait of choice for most anglers is either the golden shiner or the wild shiner, a thick-bodied baitfish found in most Florida lakes. When it comes to artificial lures, the plastic worm is probably the most widely used bait.

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Florida Largemouth Bass Spring Fishing | Bass Fishing Gurus


Florida Largemouth Bass Spring Fishing Spring has to be the most anticipated season of all for catching Florida Largemouth Bass. Especially for those of us living with cold winters where the snow doesn’t leave the ground until March and it can still snow well into April.

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Four baits to figure out Florida | Bassmaster


Not the umbrella-rig variety that has been making headlines all around the country lately, but the simple, single paddling variety. The bait was practically made for Florida’s shallow grass. “In the last few years, swimbaits have really become popular in Florida,” Walker said. “The Florida swimbaits really morphed from paddletail worms.

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5 Best Topwater Baits for Florida Peacock Bass


The Yo-zuri " 3DB Popper " is an excellent topwater bait for Florida peacock bass fish because you can fish it with two techniques, stop and pop, or walk the dog. I use this lure when fishing promising Florida peacock bass locations as a search bait.

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