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The Best Boutique Guitar Pedal Companies | Sweetwater


The Best Boutique Guitar Pedal Companies. By Kevin Osborn on Oct 2, 2018, 4:00 PM. Like Tweet. Thanks to YouTube demos and online discussion forums, today’s guitarist is tone-savvier than ever — especially when it comes to FX pedals. It’s for this reason the boutique pedal market has exploded over the past decade. Whether it’s the ...

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20 Best Boutique Guitar Pedals and Brands | Guitar Chalk


We discuss 20 of the best boutique guitar pedals, highlighting some well-known brands and some that might be new to you.

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15 of the best boutique effects brands to watch


Meet 15 of the best boutique effects pedals brands to watch – from bee-related buzz boxes to nanotechnological distortions to definitive Klones.

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My 10 Favorite Boutique Pedalboard Companies - Effects ...


 · Check out the list below for my ten favorite boutique pedalboard companies, and get inspired to organize your pedals! West Coast Pedal Boards - based out of Northern California, West Coast Pedal Board sources as many of their components and materials from the U.S. as possible. They offer an online Pedal Board Customizing Tool, which lets you ...

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7 Pedal Builders You Should Know About | Reverb News


7 Pedal Builders You Should Know About. Published Oct 09, ... While there are a ton of pedal companies to discuss, ... only do Fuzzrocious pedals offer internal modifications but their custom paint jobs are some of the best out there. You could say Fuzzrocious Pedals keeps it in the family, with a "kid painted" option which employs the artistic ...

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What Are the Actual Most Popular Boutique Amp ... -


 · The proportions in these graphs are based on the total sales of just these top 10 brands, not the entire amp market. Takeaways: As you can see above, Dr. Z easily claims the top spot as the most popular boutique amp brand on Reverb. This success mostly comes from the good doctor's sterling reputation for quality and sound dating back to 1988, as well as a robust roster of endorsing artists.

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10 Reasons Boutique Pedals Are Overrated |


10 Reasons Boutique Pedals Are Overrated. ... they would. i have several friends who started their own boutique pedal companies, i demo for some along with friends of mine. a recent gem i discovered at the most recent pedal convention- EarthQuaker Devices. can’t wait to overpay for some of their gear if they won’t swap me in exchange for ...

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Top 20 Boutique Pedal Makers? | The Gear Page


 · Who do you think are the top names in the "booteek pedal" making business? Who's on your list? Guys the thread is simple. Basically how many Boutique Makers do you know or are aware of? Nothing fancy here. No, it's not a popularity contest (well, I guess, kinda). I just wanna know, how many of us know or familiar with any these guys.

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5 Boutique Stompbox Builders You Should Know


 · And, ultimately, the transformation is a boon to us, the players. Because whether a pedal is designed to capture the unholy fuzz of some all-germanium obscurity made for three days in 1967 or help us make wholly original sounds, boutique builders are helping guitarists be more expressive and creative than ever.

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The top small brands for guitar effect pedals - Audiofanzine


 · The long-awaited poll regarding "small" guitar effect pedal brands is finally here! It's open season for anybody who likes controversy! By popular demand, we asked our French readers to vote their favorite "small" pedal manufacturers as a follow up to our previous polemic poll regarding "big name" pedal makers and here are the results:

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The Top 5 Cheap Guitar Effects Pedal Companies - YouTube


 · This is a top 5 list of the best inexpensive pedal companies when it comes to guitar effects pedals. I don't work for any of these companies and this video is not sponsored. This is just my ...

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Boutique Guitar Pedals - Vintage King


I am a new customer of yours. You guys provided me the absolute best deals in ordering all the equipment to power my brand new recording studio. Your customer service is amazing and i will always deal with you from here on out.

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