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List Of BEST HALO CAMPAIGNS. Our Guide to the Best Choice

Ranking the Halo Series: From Worst to Best (Campaign ...


 · If it weren’t for the disappointing final mission and conclusion, ODST would be far and away my favourite Halo campaign. Halo: Combat Evolved. The launch game for the original Xbox is still the finest game in the entire Halo franchise. Combat Evolved was such a massive leap forward for the genre that it repaved it’s very foundations.

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I always see people list Halo CE as the best campaign of all the Halo games but I dont see a single thing you listed there to prove that. The level design wasn't great and any level that was was repeated enough so it got tedious and those corridors are as repetitive as people say.

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Rank the Halo campaigns from best to worst. : halo


Halo 3 - The Ark and The Covenant are two of the best levels in the series and probably the only ones I'd put up there with my favorite Halo CE levels. Cortana was a weak level, but overall the campaign

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Which Halo game had the best campaign? : halo


If we're talking about story and lore, then for sure Halo 4 is probably the best. If we're talking about gameplay, and overall replayability (probably not a word) in my opinion, Halo 4 isn't that great compared to 1-3. Halo 3 had the funnest campaign to me. The level "The Covenant" is the best Halo level ever in my opinion. It's just an awesome level.

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 · Halo: Reach represents the pinnacle of Bungie’s tinkering with the Halo formula. The graphics still hold up thanks to strong art direction, the sense …

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Best Halo Campaigns
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