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two exercises from each section. Upper Body Exercises Chest Choose Exercise from List • Barbell Bench Presses • Barbell Incline Presses • Dumbbell Bench Presses • Dumbbell Incline Presses • Dumbbell Flyes • Choose Exercise from ListCable Crossovers Back Choose Exercise from List • Pull-Ups • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns • One-Arm ...

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EXERCISE LIST fishing fishing, from boat or canoe, sitting 2 fishing fishing, from river bank, walking 4 fishing fishing, from river bank, standing 3.5 fishing fishing, in stream, in waders 6 fishing fishing, general 3.5 fishing fishing, ice, sitting 2 hunting hunting, with bow and arrow or crossbow 2.5

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exercise anywhere between 143–162 beats per minute (0.75 x 190 = 143; 0.85 x 190 = 162). High-intensity exercise burns an average of 14.3 calories per minute depending on your weight. Use the following chart to determine the number of calories you will burn using high-intensity

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Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment (Download PDF)


 · Print PDF Below. Download PDF . Instructions. Repeat 2 times. Rest for 60 seconds between sets. 5 min cool down to complete the full body workout at home program. Additional Printable Fitness Workout Routines. Access our growing list of printable fitness workouts to get you in your best shape ever! Fitness Training Resources

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The Personal Training System -


Workout everyday before I go to work from 7:00AM-8:15AM. 2. Pack my meals so I know that I am eating right. 3. Track my daily & weekly progress. 4. Eat 6 meals everyday. Daily and weekly goals are called short-term goals and are necessary to reach your long-term goals. Using this system will bring you closer to the body you desire.

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6 Week Program - My Healthy Balance


Exercise programs should contain both light resistance exercises and exercises that will increase heart rate at a safe level according to your fitness. Increasing your muscle mass helps with the breakdown of fats and the regulation of glucose levels in the blood stream. It also boosts metabolism so …

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PDF Workouts - Welcome to Respire Fitness


Check out the Respire Fitness Video Workouts with workout of the week, featured workouts, plus 4 main categories including Base, Strength, Strike and Bootcamp.

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Exercise Database & Library | Featured Exercises from ACE


Exercise Database & Library. Whether you're a beginning exerciser who needs help getting started or someone who wants to add some spice to your fitness routine, our ACE Fit ® Exercise Library offers a variety of movements to choose from. Browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body.

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Basic Aquatic Exercise Program


Basic Aquatic Exercise Program Exercise: Partial Squats THE WATER SHOULD BE AT CHEST LEVEL. STAND AND HOLD THE SIDE OF THE POOL WITH FEET SHOULDER WIDTH APART. SQUAT DOWN UNTIL THE WATER IS AT NECK LEVEL THEN RETURN TO THE STARTING POSITION. Repeat: 40 times Sets: 1 Hold Time: 0 secs Resistance/Time: 0 Sessions: 1 /day xercise: Heel Raise

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