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List Of JELLY BELLY WEIRD FLAVORS LIST. Our Guide to the Best Choice

Images of jelly belly weird flavors listThe Worst ( And Weirdest) Jelly Bean Flavors


The Worst ( And Weirdest) Jelly Bean Flavors

  1. Black Licorice. This flavor is a hit or miss depending on the person. You literally either hate this flavor, or you...
  2. Buttered Popcorn. I am not entirely sure what the creators of this jelly bean were thinking when they decided that...
  3. Lawn Clippings. Okay, so no one ever suddenly gets the urge to go eat your freshly...

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Weird and Gross Jelly Bean Flavors | Prank Jelly Beans


 · At Jelly Belly, weird flavors are our specialty, and no one does it better. We think that’s a good thing, but we’ll let you decide! BeanBoozled® Gross Jelly Beans Game Go on a wild, risky adventure with our classic nasty jelly bean flavors in the BeanBoozled 5th Edition. We won’t tell you what’s what, but this generation includes ...

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Jelly Belly Flavor Guides


 · Or, experiment by combining flavors in a Jelly Belly Recipe to create an entirely original taste experience. BeanBoozled® 5th Edition Flavors. BeanBoozled® 5th Edition is the latest collection of weird and wild flavors paired with our tastiest and most popular flavors. But here's the catch - you won't know which ones are which!

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Search Result - Jelly Belly


BeanBoozled 5th Edition includes 20 flavors of jelly beans: 10 weird and wild flavors that looks identical to 10 classic and delicious flavors. Think you can tell the difference between the tasty Toasted Marshmallow and pungent new Stink Bug? What about delicious …

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22 of the World’s Craziest Jelly Bean Flavors | Mental Floss


 · Any list of weird jelly bean flavors would be incomplete without Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled line, which cunningly mixes “weird and wild” flavors with normal flavors that look almost exactly ...

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National Jelly Bean Day: 20 Most Disgusting Flavors! - Forkly


 · Here are the most disgusting flavors of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, broken down into two categories: Harry Potter Bernie Botts flavors and BeanBoozled flavors: 10 Worst Harry Potter Jelly Belly Flavors: 1. Booger, 2. Dirt, 3. Earthworm, 4. Earwax, 5. Rotten Egg, 6. Sausage, 7. Soap, 8. Vomit, 9. Black Pepper, 10. Grass. 10 Worst BeanBoozled Jelly ...

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Jelly Belly Weird Flavors List
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