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List Of TOP 25 CITIES IN US BY POPULATION. Top-rated Products Today

List of United States cities by population - Wikipedia


318 rows · The following table lists the 317 incorporated places in the United States (excluding the U.S. territories) with a population of at least 100,000 on July 1, 2019, as estimated by the United States Census Bureau.Five states—Delaware, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming—have no cities with populations of 100,000 or more. The table below contains the following information:

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Top 50 Cities in the U.S. by Population and Rank


  • New York, New York. 8,336,817. 8,175,133. 8,008,278. 7,322,564.
  • Los Angeles, California. 3,979,576. 3,792,621. 3,694,820. 3,485,398.
  • Chicago, Illinois. 2,693,976. 2,695,598. 2,896,016. 2,783,726.
  • Houston, Texas. 2,320,268. 2,100,263. 1,953,631. 1,630,553.
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    The 200 Largest Cities in the United States by Population 2020


    201 rows · Here is a list of the top ten most populated cities in the US as of 2020: New York City, NY

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    Most populated U.S. cities 2019 | Statista


    Search: Records: 13 25 50. Number of resident population in 1,000. New York city, New York. 8,336.82. Los Angeles city, California. 3,979.58. Chicago city, Illinois. 2,693.98. Houston city, Texas.

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    List of United States cities by population - Simple ...


    312 rows ·  · The table below lists the 311 incorporated places in the United States with …

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    Largest cities in the United States by population ...


    This page lists America's 100 largest cities by population, as of the 2010 census. It includes information on mayors in the top 100 largest cities, including when they took office, when their current terms expire, and the cities' government types. It also contains population and …

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    Top 20 Cities -


    This wordmap includes the names of cities that have ever been listed as one of the 20 most populous cities in the country, since 1790. The size of each city name reflects the number of times that place has been ranked in the top 20. Click on a city to see its rank in the top 20 from 1790 to 2010.

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    The Top 10 Largest U.S. Cities by Population |


  • New York City, NY. Population: 8,601,186. Nickname: “The Big Apple” and “The City that Never Sleeps” Why You Should Move: Fast-paced and energetic, New York City is home to many of the world’s most iconic neighborhoods, restaurants, museums and neighborhoods.
  • Los Angeles, CA. Population: 4,057,841. Nickname: “City of Angels,” “La La Land,” “The Big Orange” and “Tinseltown.” Why You Should Move: Home to celebrities, artists and free spirits, Los Angeles never stops attracting people from every corner of the globe.
  • Chicago, IL. Population: 2,679,044. Nickname: “The Windy City” Why You Should Move: Located along Lake Michigan, Chicago’s phenomenal restaurant scene, world-renowned museums, relatively low housing costs and Midwestern charm make it a great place to call home.
  • Houston, TX. Population: 2,359,480. Nickname: “Space City,” “Bayou City,” “H Town” and “The Big Heart.” Why You Should Move: Houston’s stable job market, diverse economy and ideal neighborhoods make the Texas city a popular choice for young professionals and families.
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    2020’s Fastest-Growing Cities in America


     · Patterns emerge within those cities, allowing us to identify what factors contribute to a lasting cycle of growth. The South and West currently seem to be attractive places to move, as the U.S. Census Bureau reports eight of the 15 cities with the largest population gains between 2010 and 2019 were located in the South and five were in the West.

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    Largest Metropolitan Areas in the United States


     · Some of the most populous cities in the United States have held on to those top spots decade after decade. In fact, New York City has been the largest U.S. metropolitan area since the country's first census in 1790. The other long-time holders of top

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    List of largest cities - Wikipedia


    The United Nations uses three definitions for what constitutes a city, as not all cities in all jurisdictions are classified using the same criteria. Cities may be defined as the cities proper, the extent of their urban area, or their metropolitan regions. The largest city by population using the city proper definition, which is the area under the administrative boundaries of a local ...

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    The 50 largest cities in the United States | PolitiFact


    3 Chicago 2,720,546. 4 Houston 2,296,224. 5 Philadelphia 1,567,442. 6 Phoenix 1,563,025. 7 San Antonio 1,469,845. 8 San Diego 1,394,928. 9 Dallas 1,300,092. 10 San Jose 1,026,908. 11 Austin 931,830.

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    The 20 Biggest U.S. Cities Based on Population


  • New York, New York: Population 8,537,673. The U.S. Census Bureau showed a gain for New York City of 362,500 residents (4.4 percent) as compared with the 2010 figures, and each of the city's boroughs gained people.
  • Los Angeles, California: Population 3,976,322. The median home price (owner occupied) in Los Angeles is nearly $600,000, the median age of the people there is 35.6, and 60 percent of all the nearly 1.5 million households speak a language other than (or in addition to) English.
  • Chicago, Illinois: Population 2,704,958. Overall, Chicago's population is declining, but the city is becoming more racially diverse. Populations of people of Asian and Hispanic origin are growing, while the numbers of Caucasians and Blacks are decreasing.
  • Houston, Texas: Population 2,303,482. Houston was eighth in the top 10 fastest growing cities between 2015 and 2016, adding 18,666 people that year. About two-thirds are 18 years old and above, and only about 10 percent 65 and over.
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    500 Largest Cities, by State and Population, 2010


    Michigan. Detroit 713,777 Grand Rapids 188,040 Warren 134,056 Sterling Heights 129,699 Lansing 114,297 Ann Arbor 113,934 Flint 102,434 Dearborn 98,153 Livonia 96,942 Westland 84,094 Troy 80,980 Farmington Hills 79,740 Kalamazoo 74,262 Wyoming 72,125 Southfield 71,739 Rochester Hills 70,995. Minnesota.

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