Solemates Review: Protect Your Shoes

About Solemates

Solemates creates a patented line of heel protectors designed to prevent stilettos from sinking into the grass. The brand extensions include blister blocker and an antibacterial spray that eliminates odours from shoes, gym bags, etc. Their all natural and non-toxic products are made in the USA and packaged in recycled materials.

Features you would love at Solemates

Solemates are heel protectors. Left uncovered, heels will sink into grass or quickly become damaged because of bricks, cobblestones, grates or decks…Heel Stoppers prevent damage.

All of the products are free of toxins, silicones, parabens, cruelty-free and made in environmentally responsible facilities. Each product thoughtfully solves a unique problem.

What’s more brutal than having the balls of your feet become tired or sore? Or having your heels slide out of a pair of shoes? Solemates also created Shoe Essentials with PediSolTM technology to solve these annoying problems and more.

Solemates customer reviews

I got this for a wedding that was having their ceremony in the grass. I was skeptical but was hoping it worked, to my surprise it did! The ground was saturated so I sunk just a tad bit when I was just standing for the ceremony (not like air raiding and losing my heel in the ground) Once the ceremony was over I had to walk back to the reception and that was like a half a football field long and I debated taking my shoes off but I wanted to try soulemates a bit longer and i’ll be damned if i walked like a normal person and kept up with everyone. On hard ground it was just as amazing, giving the extra stabilization. I will absolutely use these with other heels! and recommend

These are a must have to protect your shoes! If you are standing in soft grass it helps you to keep from sinking into the ground. Iv ruined so many of my nice heels but these will save my future shoes! I wish I had these for my wedding! They snap on and off so easily. I will be keeping a pair in my car for emergency situations.

Saw a product like this on Shark Tank. These fit my high heels perfectly and worked great at keeping my heels from sinking into the grass for the wedding I attended this weekend.

I used these for an outdoor wedding this weekend – where it had been raining all day so the ground was soft and wet. They worked perfectly. I see other reviews where the heels popped out the back of the protector, but you have to make sure the heel of your shoe is pushed all the way down into the bottom of the protector. I also measured to make sure that I had the exact right size.

I was the only bridesmaid who bought these (with my stilettos!) and was the only one who didn’t sink in the ground. I will definitely use them again!

These are great for stilettos walking on grass surfaces; I purchased them for my wedding! The reception will be on grass, and I did not want to wear wedges. I think the bad reviews are a result of not accurately measuring the heel width. These solemates are great, does not damage my particular shoe (my heel is covered with satin fabric). I will be using these for any other heels I have for any grass surface event.

Such a simple thing, yet a totally good idea! I’ve gone to a bunch of outdoor weddings and my heels always sank into the ground. No more! I like that they come in 3 different sizes and 2 color options. Gonna need to get the others!

These did protect my heels! Don’t wear this when it just rains though! I lost my heel protectors because I sunk into the wet lawn and didn’t realize that when I stepped out of the lawn, the mud and grass took my heel stopper 🙁

I love these little heel protectors. They work really well in the summer but when the winter comes around they have more of a tendency to stick in the mud. If you are walking in grass with these I do recommend walking more on your toes. I wore these to a funeral in Washington and I felt one pop out in the mud and I turned around and retrieved it. So watch out if you are walking in the grass quite a bit. The black colored solemates look so much better with black heels then the clear solemates. I definitely recommend getting black ones if you are wearing them with black shoes.



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