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Top 5 best sex toy products for couples

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo This product from Hot Octopuss is known as the world’s first “guybrator.” Couples that already have experience using it find it half as a vibrating cock ring and half as a masturbation sleeve. The outside vibrates, bringing your parter stimlation simultaneously by rubbing against the device. This product is ideal […]

Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III: powerful inspiration for penises.

What is the Pulse III? First, my boyfriend wanted to have awesome penis masturbation, so then I recommended him to try one from Hotoctopuss: Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo. Here below is two major things you should know about it. Website: First, let’s see what is the Pulse III. Yes, a Pulse III is […]

Top 10 Sex Toy Brands For Couple

Here below, we rounded up all the best sextoy products from the most stunning sex toy brand for all you guys. Let pick some useful information that you need to enjoy your feeling. What are you wating for, let’s scroll your screen now! 1.Pulse III & Queen BeeHot Octopuss          Order now  […]

Review: Hot Octopuss’ Queen Bee

The Queen Bee – is this great as the name of it, The Queen will not let you down but let your hair down! We call it ”Marmite” toy – you may love it, or you don’t! I told to myself that I have to try it once. Here below, I will make it more […]