Latest Articles About Yoyo Chinese Updated 2020

4 Different Ways Chinese People React to a Foreigner Speaking Mandarin

Like most native English speakers, I’m used to people from other countries speaking English as a second language. So, when I first started learning Chinese, I never expected that Chinese people would be surprised to find a foreigner speaking Mandarin. But, although more and more people are learning Chinese, most Chinese people have still never encountered [...]

Top 5 best Chinese learning platforms

It is really difficult to learn Chinese independently as people, especially beginners, usually don’t know where to start. Finding an appropriate course can help you proceed. The good news is, there are good platforms for you to choose among thousands of online language courses out there. Yoyo Chinese Yoyo Chinese is absolutely the best website […]

Yoyo Chinese Review

There are actually not many Chinese language courses in the market that provide you with the ability to study Mandarin by yourself like Yoyo Chinese. Yoyo Chinese is considered as one of the best online Chinese study platforms to be honest. There are several different courses that are designed for different language levels, which is […]

Review: Yoyo Chinese Online Courses – Is It Worthwhile To Try?

I remember when first started learning Chinese, there was a bunch of difficult and challenging things I had been facing from the material, grammar, pronunciation,…To be honest, I had many times nearly giving up, then one day – the day has changed my Chinese learning journey so much. I was searching for some information to […]

5 Cool Games that make your Chinese Language Acquisition more fun

Are you in your challenging journey of learning the Mandarin language? If you find it hard to make progress, the reason might be the way you learn it. We should integrate fun games into learning so that your language acquisition can become more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll suggest 5 interesting Chinese games that can […]