Takealot launches early Black Friday deals 2019: The biggest saving than ever!

Early Takealot Black Friday Blue Dot sale has released and this is the best time to shop TVs, toys, phones, fragrances, gaming and more. Now let’s find out.

About Takealot

Takealot is the most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa. This company is built around the simple concept that the customer comes first. It is founded in 2011.

Takealot launches early Black Friday 2019 deals
Takealot launches early Black Friday 2019 deals

At Takealot, you can shop anything you can imagine with millions of products available to buy online. They offer a ton of products, including, Home & Kitchen; Camping & Outdoor; Electronics; Health & Beauty; Garden, Pool & Patio; Baby & Toddler; Luggage & Travel; Gaming; Books; Office & Stationery; Pet Supplies; Movies & TV; Music; Toys, etc.

Takealot Black Friday 2019

Takealot Blue Dot Sale is taking place
Takealot Blue Dot Sale is taking place

Takealot’s 2019 Blue Dot Sale takes place from 29 November to 3 December, but the company has already unveiled a number of deals as part of its Early Access Sale.

On Takealot’s Blue Dot Sale, the shopper can save up to 60% on technology products, TVs, appliances, toys, and gaming products. Over 1000s of products with the deepest discounts are waiting for you to discover.

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core 8GB
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core 8GB

Moreover, on the Black Friday weekend, Cyber Monday, and Takealot Tuesday, new deals will also be added daily. Besides, an Early Access Sale will be run from 24-28 November.

During the Takealot Black Friday Blue Dot Early Access sale, they offer great discounts on many different products. In addition, the shopper should take advantage of great discounts while they remain available because these deals will also change daily.

Save money on Takealot Black Friday sale
Save money on Takealot Black Friday sale

Takealot launched app-only Early Access Blue Dot Sale specials on Sunday 24 November 2019. So you’d better download the Takealot App to get more deals.

When is Takealot Blue Dot sale?

Ematic Android TV box
Ematic Android TV box
  • 00h01 on Friday (29 November) – All deals unlocked
  • 06h00 on Saturday (30 November) – More deals added
  • 06h00 on Sunday (1 December) – More deals added
  • 06h00 on Monday (2 December) – Cyber Monday tech deals
  • 06h00 on Tuesday (3 December) – Takealot Tuesday deals

Best tips to save more on Takealot Black Friday

  • Make a shopping list
  • Charge your phone
  • Be sure to have a good internet connection
  • Always follow information about Black Friday deals on website or internet
  • Be a smart shopper, avoid buying items that you don’t use
  • Download Takealot’s mobile app


Black Friday 2019 has been going to the final sale days. There is no doubt that this is your perfect chance to buy your favorite products at the best price. More and more famous stores have launched extremely amazing deals to shoppers. Moreover, the Christmas holiday is coming, so spending money on the Takealot Black Friday sale is a cost-effective and economical choice.

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