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Many places reduce after Halloween. For many, the Halloween clearance shelves are a place to stock up things they desire at a good price. Better yet, buy those ones that always go on sale after Halloween. Target is the best Halloween after-sale where you can get great discounts on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy, party supplies decorations —especially you score the best Halloween candy deals. Find quality Halloween clearance online or in-store.

About Target.com

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Target is officially now in all 50 states, serving guests nationwide and at Target.com. Target has stores and distribution centers across the U.S and offices around the world. You can find Target stores easily in your community. There are more than 350,000 team members in the stores across the globe, all working together for one important reason which is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.

Their mission is to make Target the preferred shoppingdestination by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation andexceptional guest experience.

We are getting close to Halloween which means we are gettingclose to 90% off Halloween clearance. Keep in mind that clearance markdowns ofCandy and food aren’t marked down as low as the Halloween themed items likecostumes and decor, so the lower number represents the markdown for food.

When does Target make clearance markdowns?

Target halloween discount

The holiday clearance is fun, fun fun!  These items get marked down to as low as 90%off. The holiday items will go to 50% off the day after the holiday.  If the holiday involves bagged candy(Halloween, Christmas, Valentines), then the candy will usually start out atonly 30% off. Usually a week or so later the items will get marked down to 70%off, a few days after the 70% markdown, everything that is left gets markeddown to 90% off.

How do you find Target clearance items? 

Shopping Target clearance is probably a good way to save. Once you know how and when Target marks things down, you can easily find stuff for 70% off, especially after Halloween, you can find GOOD STUFF! The clearance items at Target will have a red sticker. In the lower right-hand corner, you will see the price they are currently marked down to. You can follow Target on target.com to update the newest Target Halloween coupon code, deals, promo codes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping:

Halloween sales
  • Always scan and items or two to check the price, make sure the signs don’t get changed to the new markdown.
  • Some items may end up in their respective departments making them what we call “hidden deals”. 
  • Look for Halloween dollar items to be marked down 50-90% off.
  • Think about shopping ahead for next year, you can save yourself some big money if you have a place to store things.
  • Be familiar with the section so you know what you are looking for when the clearance hits.

Target Halloween clearance is completely the holy grail of deal hunting. You can find some of the best deals ever just by waiting and watching for something little red. Let hunt Halloween costumes, Halloween house decorations and more scary good things at Target!

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