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About teeVillain

teeVillain is described by these following words: sophisticated, epicurean, diabolical. This brand provides the most nefarious limited edition t-shirt on their web. Each day they showcase a new design, to prevent their customers from building up a tolerance against their hypnotic effects; a single cog in the gears of my ultimate machination.

Named after yours truly, they feature a new collection of designs every Monday; most of which reflect my own twisted appetite for art and popular culture. How long these designs remain available depends on the popularity of the design. By printing only one run, they can allow them to be more affordable, a feature that will ensure repeat customers and bolster their army of loyal and compliant devotees! Besides, the artists may have their own vile agenda; offering said designs at other t-shirt sites. Be sure to check The Gallery for expired designs. If you see something you simply cannot function without, the artist can most likely be contacted via telegraph, Morse code, or some other form of encrypted transmission.

When is a new design offered?

At midnight (Eastern Standard Time), when the darkness swallows the previous day, a new design will emerge, bathed in the ominous glow of the moon. With it, a new timer will begin counting down, destroying all traces of the design once it reaches zero.

What is the best way to care for t-shirt?

Make sure to wash t-shirt in cold water with like colors, and hang them to dry.

Who are the masterminds?

They enlist the talents of artists from around the globe, most of whom have a strong penchant for villainy. Miscreants, misfits, and monsters. Scamps, scoundrels, and swindlers. Rogues, rapscallions, ruffians, and rascals. These are their Masterminds.

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