Top 10 Unique Traditions Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner More Meaning At This Year

You'll need a few things to celebrate Thanksgiving. Simple mashed potatoes with gravy sauce, pumpkin pie with plenty of dessert whipped cream, glossy roasted turkey with stuffing (or dressing, depending on background or geographical location). Thanksgiving side dishes assist to keep the table in good spirits. And, if your family is anything like mine, you most likely have at least a few holiday traditions that make that opportunity genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Thanksgiving is one of the few opportunities during the year for many people to get together with their families and friends, share delicious meals, express gratitude, and enjoy each other's company. It's one of them. On a daily basis in Turkey, groups of family and friends often develop their own unique Thanksgiving tradition. These range from absurd to inspiring, from cooking to fine dining, from sports to relaxation. Apart from everyone's enthusiasm, most of them require little or no more material. We asked members of the Good Housekeeping team and a few friends to recommend events, foods, and experiences that will make your vacation one to remember. Match one or more of these to a celebrity you know.

  1. Have Pie for Breakfast

It's a vacation, so do something with it. Serve traditional Thanksgiving cakes and coffee for breakfast rather than after a heavy feast to start the day on a sweet note. You won't be as full of desserts this way. It's a vacation, so do something with it. Serve traditional Thanksgiving cakes and coffee for breakfast rather than after a heavy feast to start the day on a sweet note. You won't be as full of desserts this way.

  1. Celebrate Everyone's Birthdays

The appropriate spot has been found for a group of family and friends that only get together once a year. When the family gets together for Thanksgiving, Emma Seymour of the Good Housekeeping Textile Lab says they sing Happy Birthday. Cake with candles is included. Everyone can celebrate a significant day with a loved one in this way. Even if you are unable to go, everyone gathers on the designated day.

  1. Collect Non-Perishable Foods to Donate

During the holidays, volunteers routinely overflow tables and meals, only to drop off abruptly. After the holiday rush has passed, encourage guests to bring long-lasting groceries that they may donate later to assist you. People who are hungry want to consume the same great foods as everyone else, so make sure to contribute only usable, non-expired food.

  1. Host a Potluck Dinner

Inviting friends from near and far, or  asking everyone to bring food, especially if your family has different backgrounds, can create a more diverse and exciting expanse. It also reduces the load on the host. Adjust in advance who will bring what  so that you can cover all the basics.

  1. Make a Special Dish

Allie Early, editor-in-chief of the Good Housekeeping family, shares some turkey-related recollections. "We create a coleslaw recipe that my grandmother used to make for her and her siblings and serve it in a unique dish she gave her, '' Early adds. "\When we're all together, it's a special way to remember my grandmother.

  1.  Turn the Tablecloth Into a Keepsake

Thanks to the tablecloth for a souvenir that is also a fun activity,  Red Tricycle suggests. Cover the table with a white cloth tablecloth and spread the cloth crayon over the table. Invite guests to draw gratitude, memories of their favorite Thanksgiving, and even a whimsical self-portrait. At the end of the meal, there is a reusable souvenir to decorate the table each year.

  1. Write Out Your Thanks

Hand out thank-you cards and prepaid envelopes after dinner or while waiting for the birds to rest, and ask guests to send a note to people who have made a difference in their life over the last year. On Black Friday, collect them on your way out to ship. It's a terrific way to reflect on what's important in life, and it serves as a moving reminder for the recipient.

  1. Serve Pickles

Thanksgiving wasn't the same without cooking for Jessica Take, assistant editor of the Good Housekeeping Institute. A giant platter of cucumbers is always served for dinner by my loved one's family, and they swear it aids digestion, I thought it was odd at first, but now I think Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without it!" There is some evidence that cucumbers are beneficial to intestinal health, and they are very delicious.

  1. Ask the Kids to Serve Dessert

Have young guests serve desserts so that they can blend in with the festival. Children can sometimes feel left out of a big day, especially if your family sets up a children's table away from  adults. Older children can help cut and arrange cakes and pies offered by younger children.

  1. Take a Walk After Dinner

After you eat, get your blood pumping as an enjoyable and healthy tradition for you. If you reside in a cold climate and want to do one or two loops around the block after dark, bundle your flashlights together. Taking a walk allows everyone to spend more time connecting with one another.


Thanksgiving can be celebrated anywhere, not just in the United States or Canada. All you need is a lot of food, a lot of hunger (in your stomach), and a lot of relatives and friends. Keep in mind to be grateful for everything you have. You should also search for thanksgiving activities for kids and  thanksgiving dishes ideas.

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