The best frameless shower doors to modernise your bathroom

If you are dreaming of a contemporary bathroom, a frameless shower will transform your bathroom remodel. Frameless glass shower doors create a feeling of space, and the frameless design is a perfect choice for those who want to have a luxury shower that is sleek and modern.

Frameless Door for Bathroom

When deciding on your bathroom renovation, there are many things to consider, from fixtures and fittings, what wall tile to use, showerheads, lighting, accessories, and of course, bathtub and a shower or just a shower alone. With so many different styles, I will talk you through various options when considering a frameless shower.

Considerations when buying a frameless shower door?


A frameless shower will cost more, along with higher installation costs. The materials used for a frameless shower door design will also cost more, so it's worth factoring that in when making your design decisions for your bathroom. Frameless shower doors are very stylish for modern bathrooms and are incredibly easy to clean, so it does make it well worth the investment.

How much space do you have?

For those of you with smaller bathrooms, you may have to opt for a frameless shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are great for maximising bathroom space as they are fitted around a tray but do not need a metal frame as the tempered glass provides enough support.

More oversized bathrooms have the luxury of having enough space for the installation of walk-through shower space. Unlike an enclosure, a walk-through shower is much more like the wet room style. The tempered fixed glass panel runs parallel with a wall, and the showerhead is usually on the ceiling.

Types of glass shower doors

When thinking of upgrading to a frameless glass shower door, there are many different varieties available for your master bathroom. Some of the best shower door options I found are here, and below I will chat through other shower door ideas.

Sliding doors

A sliding shower door is excellent for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. The sliding door mechanism means you won't have to account for room to open a door in your layout. Slide open and step in to feel fresh and relaxed.

Over Bath frameless glass doors

For bathroom remodels that want to make the most of the floor area and keep a tub, tub enclosures with a glass door are great. Of course, you can go for a shower curtain, but there is something lovely about the clean lines of glass shower screens.

Hinged frameless doors

A hinged door is one of the most common doors used for a shower enclosure. Opening out or in the way, your hinged frameless shower door is better when you have a bigger room. Often installation is easier with this type of door, and it might be best for your bathroom.

Corner shower door

A great idea to utilise the corner of the room is to create a glass enclosure. Whether it is a straight edge or curved glass, you will be relaxing in no time. Many homeowners opt for this as it can feel larger and fit nicely into the area.

Difference between framed shower doors and frameless shower doors?

While a frameless shower is typically more expensive, it is an upgrade over a framed shower. It makes them less likely to corrode with a lot less metal material, and the glass door is far easier to clean. One of the drawbacks is that they are more susceptible to water leaking and must be sealed well.

Framed doors are harder to keep clean, and the soap scum can get into the harder-to-reach places, but they are more affordable.

What is a semi-frameless shower door?

The semi-frameless model has metal around a frame but not around the door. This is a good halfway house if you prefer the modern design but don't want to spend as much.



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