The Best Tire Shine of 2019: long lasting and provide the desirable wet look

It take less than a minute per wheel to apply and makes a huge difference. Tire shine is to give tires the wet look that makes the rim and tire look far more attractive.Simply applying a tire shine in the form of a spray, gel or foam can give you the look that you desire and even last for multiple weeks.

Ensuring that the tires are clean and provide an attractive finish will compliment your vehicles overall appearance when detailed. Here below we want to introduce to you a list of the best tire shine that are long lasting and provide the desirable wet look.


This is yet another fine Griot’s Garage product that can be used to clean your tires and make them shine. It is not limited to just the tires either as it can be used on your cars painted surfaces, wheels and plastic areas of your bumpers.
It is a product that is fairly easy to apply also. You just spray it on where it’s needed and then wipe it around with a soft cloth. After it dries you will be amazed how good your tires and the other car surfaces you used it on the look.

Pros tire shine:
The versatility of this product.
Not only does it put a nice shine on your tires but it can also be used to shine up even the painted surfaces on your car.
Affordable price
Cros tire shine:
It is not a spray on and walk away product; you will have to wipe and use a little elbow grease with this product too.


This is a great tire shine product from TriNova. It is an easy to use spray on product that will make any type of tire look good. This tire shine is very easy to use also; you just spray it on and let it soak in and it does the rest itself.
One nice thing about this product is that it is a silicone based product so it will not hurt your ties like petroleum-based tire shine products will do.

Pros tire shine:
Helping repel dirt and grime as you are driving after you have used this product.
This tire shine will keep your tires looking good much longer than other tire cleaners.
Cros tire shine:
It appears to be more of a protectant than tire shine.
It also only comes in an 18-ounce size so this bottle will not last that long.


CroftgateUSA has come up with a very nice tire enhancement product here. It works very well for greatly improving the looks of your tires.
This tire shine product is not only used just to make your tires brighter; it can also be used on your wheels and the other plastics in your car such as the dashboard. It is a product that contains no harsh chemicals and it’s completely petroleum free too.

Pros tire shine:
This stuff will really make your tires shine.
It is not so much just a tire cleaner because it will really do a great job polishing your tires too.
It will even clean and make your wheels shine brighter also.
Cros tire shine:
These will add to the cost of doing the job and that makes this tire shine harder to apply than some other spray on and wipe off tire shine products.


This company is very popular when it comes to products that are used to detail your car with. Griot’s Garage has come up with a tire shine formula that works very well, to say the least.
You just simply apply this product with a blue detail sponge so it goes on where you want and does not get all over as you use it. It will continue to help keep your tires from getting dull again even as you drive in adverse weather conditions. This product is really that good.

Pros tire shine:
This product is adjustable to the individual user’s taste when applying it. If you don’t want a high gloss shine you just use a single application of it. If you want a higher gloss shine on your tires all you have to do is apply a second coat.
Cros tire shine:
For one thing, this product is a little bit to the expensive side for a 16-ounce bottle.
It is a very thick fluid too, so that means you will most likely use up these size bottle in just a few applications of this product.


You can never go wrong with a Meguiar’s product when it comes to detailing your vehicle and this fine tire shine only adds to that reputation. It comes in an easy to apply gel and it goes on thick so it will protect and beautify your tires for a very long time.
This is a petroleum-free product that is silicone based, so it will not hurt the other surfaces of your car if it gets on them and it will help protect your tires from the sun’s damaging UV rays too.

Pros tire shine
It really lasts a long time.
You can even wash your car again and you will see it still is staying on your tires well.
Cros tire shine:
For one thing, this is a gel based product.
Although they coat thick, it is a lot more work to properly apply a gel based tire shine.
It will also take a little effort to remove the excess gel after you are finished applying it.

If you really want your car tires to stand out and make the overall appearance of your car look better, then you want to make sure you get a quality tire shine product. You don’t just want to buy any old tire cleaning product on the shelf. We hope the best tire shine that we offer you will find the right tire shine for your needs.

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