The Coronavirus had adverse effects on the economy and job market


The Coronavirus that attacked the world at the beginning of 2020, came out of nowhere and no one knew how they were going to deal with it, or what they should have done to prepare for it. In the initial days of the pandemic, most countries worked on closing their borders, for the most part, to reduce the spread of the virus. Additionally, they implemented lockdown rules that forced companies and businesses to stay shut. The only way that most of them could adapt was through work from home amendments. While remote working was not very popular, most of the companies did not have a choice in the matter, since their only other option was waiting for the pandemic and hoping that it would happen soon enough.

Although the Government and authorities relaxed the rules relating to COVID in the months that followed, everyone is still amid the pandemic and have to be as careful as possible. Companies have started getting their employees to come into their offices to get work done but in smaller numbers. The Government has implemented various rules of social distancing, using hand sanitizers, and only stepping out in small numbers to keep everyone safe.

Initially, DBS checks were used to go through the backgrounds of people when they were considered for a job at a company, they are now used by companies to check people returning to work after the lockdown. These measures not only review their background but also whether they follow the due diligence when they are getting back to work.

Due diligence checking implemented various rules and regulations to make sure compliant checks were handled and submitted by following the proper social distancing regulations, so all the parties involved feel safe getting through the processes. They provide services such as:

  • All levels of DBS checks
  • International criminal record checks
  • References
  • Credit checks
  • Education checks
  • Professional registration checks.

There are different types of DBS checks, and they are:

  • A basic check - that provides an individual's unspent convictions and conditional cautions.
  • A standard check - which has a lot more information and provides the individuals spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.
  • An enhanced check - the test is a level above the previous two, showing any additional information and details held by police that could be crucial when hiring them, depending on the role that they are picked for.
  • An enhanced check with barred lists - provides information on specific roles, that a person is barred from. It further states whether they are applying for them, or that they should not be hired for those positions.

Simply put, a DBS check is a check that an employer can use to find an individual’s record. The checks could only be conducted on people they were hiring or planning on working with. Initially, they were used to check if people had a criminal record. Additionally, the people using the checks needed more information, and they then created various types of DBS checks for multiple purposes. Some employers needed a little more than just information about a criminal record, especially if they were hiring for childcare or healthcare-related jobs.

  • There have been a lot of changes made throughout the pandemic regarding the DBS checks. They have started new services only for the pandemic which are supposed to assist people, like creating awareness and uploading updates about the virus as and when they receive them.
  • They also added a fast lane to some of the checks and started internally prioritising the applications they were receiving. Applications belonging to nurses, midwives, and social workers were reviewed a lot sooner than the rest, which had to follow the process.
  • If there are applications for enhanced DBS checks, there is a search that they run where they would go through the applications and understand if they have anything to do relating to the COVID-19 pandemic so they can prioritise them.
  • Furthermore, if healthcare workers have no match against the barred list they can be hired immediately while they run the rest of the tests in the background, and they can eventually make changes at a later point in time.

There are a lot of changes made to the DBS update guidelines as well. People can now temporarily use their expired passport to check their DBS ID. The only reason that they implemented this new rule during the pandemic was since the DBS checks were taking a lot longer during the pandemic. To ease the load on the systems, they were allowing people to use their expired passports if they were within six months of their expiration dates.

They also made a lot of changes to the number of hours that they were working during the pandemic since they were already short-staffed due to the national lockdowns and people falling sick. They had to fasttrack the processes since there were a lot of people out of work and they could not review all the applications with a fine tooth comb and needed some of them to be handled a lot faster than others.

Additionally, to reduce human interaction during a pandemic, the entire process can now be handled online, with the ability to submit all the documents from the comfort of the applicant's house. Furthermore, people applying for the DBS check can download the applications or their report instead of waiting for it to be posted to their houses.

The ​DBS update service​ allows an individual to keep their information up to date. It would ideally be connected to the standard and enhanced DBS information, and since it is an online subscription, it allows employers to go through the information, with the permission of the person owning the account. The DBS update service provides an annual renewal option allowing people to renew their details every year, which makes it quite convenient when they are applying for a job.

If people have information relating to their ​DBS certificate​ but have lost the actual document, they can get another one online with ease, which makes for an easy system. Throughout the pandemic, the DBS checks are getting a lot more important and used a lot more to make employment a lot easier now than before.  

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