The Tribes of Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram, with more than one billion users worldwide, has transformed from a mere photo-sharing setup to an effective marketing tool. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has passed through multifarious features. With posting the very first test photograph, Instagram laid foundations of a futuristic mega platform for social media, BBC reports. Who knew it would appear as an important marketing tool too? Its user friendliness and advanced security measures have compelled more and more users to create their accounts and unfurl the world of entertainment. 

Digital marketers, on the other hand, are making optimal use of Instagram to propagate brand messages, influence buyers’ decisions and enhance website sales. The popularity of Instagram could be judged from the fact that it got more than 100,000 downloads during the first ten days of its launch. The competition on social media networks got momentum and people today tend to buy IG followers UK to reach out to their target audience either for socialization or commercialization. 

Different people behave differently on Instagram. The following factors draw a differentiating line among various Instagram users who come from nearly all parts of the world: 23 million users from UK, 110 million Instagrammers from the United States, and 120 million from India. 

  • Individual attitude and mental health

  • Regional and cultural backgrounds

  • The level of education and recognition 

  • The fundamental purpose of using Instagram 

  • The scale of self-actualization

  • Understanding of the virtual environment 

  • Frequency and periodicity of using Instagram  

It is good to classify the followers on the basis of some definite traits to understand what extent they are important. Majorly, the Instagram followers come from six tribes. 

Real and Active Followers 

Real and active followers are a precious asset for every Instagram profile. These are the followers who value your Instagram posts and live streams with passion, and ultimately, provide raw materials for your branded marketing campaigns. The influencer marketers and social celebrities therefore buy Instagram followers UK to boost their profile, optimize their virtual existence and magnify the sales volume of their products and services. Instagram in “learn more” allows tracking of your followers and the high time of their activity. How many followers are active at a particular point of time gives a glimpse of the reality of fans and followers. 

  • Around half of these followers like your posts once a week but comment rarely

  • They contribute to the engagement level 

  • They tend to do DM whenever needed 

  • Around 30 percent of real followers impart in overall conversions 

Interactive Followers 

Well! You have gained a wide stream of real and organic Instagram followers, but not all real followers appear to be interactive. If you buy IG followers UK, ensure the followers you get are not only real but also interactive enough to fit into your multi-layer digital marketing program. Read the list below to know the common traits of interactive followers. 

  • Interactive followers are dear to every Instagrammers  

  • They use Instagram daily and share the posts that inspire them  

  • They post regularly and like others’ posts

  • They generously comment where necessary 

  • They demonstrate high level of ethics 

  • They manage time to listen to your IGTV stream

  • They respond to CTA (call-to-action) 

Indolent Followers 

These followers are usually real but they have perhaps better things in life to engage with, they therefore hardly browse your Instagram profile but they exist on the soil of Instagram. How do inactive followers behave on Instagram? Think twice before ordering Instagram followers. Buy Instagram followers UK only from the teams who value high ethical standards. They will deliver you real and active followers, not inactive and sluggish ones who just stay on your followers list like the sleeping bugs and do not even try to interact with the colors of life on Instagram. 

  • They behave like they are hibernating on Instagram 

  • Indolent followers cannot develop technological acumen 

  • They see the world doing everything but avoid social contribution 

  • Entertainment factor seems to be missing in the life of indolent followers 

Pseudo Followers 

They are actually virtual followers and tend to like every post that comes on their way while browsing through Instagram profiles. Pseudo followers have no distinct preferences and move their thumbs unconsciously on the like button. These followers get enough time to use Instagram. Linking others’ posts soothes them for nothing. 

  • Pseudo followers are spurious in nature 

  • They are so-called followers 

  • They have no preferred niche 

  • These followers show insincerity to IG posts 

  • Pseudo fans hardly attend IGTV and stories 

Fake Followers 

Fake followers are destructive. They are awkward and do not really exist, rather they are programmed and are just unable to interact. No real venture affords having fake followers on Instagram. There are a few instances where Instagram officials removed or suspended the auspicious accounts with the majority of fake followers. Putting your security at stake, bots cause demotion of your Instagram profile with the passage of time. 

  • Fake followers cause Virtual Erosion and social irrelevance 

  • Bots create obstacles in portraying real picture of insights 

  • Relevant traffic does not stand out in the crowd of fake followers 

  • Negative rating and low ranking of a profile might be due to bots 

Choosy Followers

The followers from the sixth tribe have clear preferences, distinct liking and defined disliking on social media. They create Instagram accounts and embark upon things of their choice only. They follow because they know what to follow. They like it because they understand what to like. They comment on adding value to a cause, product, or service. But they are not concerned about what lies outside their sphere. Choosy followers, in a way, are thoroughly opposed to the Pseudo followers who first like and then see the post. 

  • Choosy followers are valuable too; ignoring them is not a good idea 

  • They are extremely loyal within their areas of interest.

  • Sometimes they do not like a post for themselves but share it with someone who may like it 

Modern social media users need to practice high ethical standards while interacting on Instagram. If everyone feels his responsibility, the social impact would be forcefully positive.