Things you need to know about Cyber Monday 2019!

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In the last months of the year, there are continuous big sale days, besides “Shopping Festival” – Backfriday, techies should not ignore Cyber Monday. So, what is Cyber Monday? When is Cyber Monday 2019? What things you should know about this special shopping day? What are the deals in Cyber Monday 2019? Let’s find out through the following article.

1. What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is known as the largest online shopping holiday of the year originating in the US and is currently spreading to many different countries. Cyber Monday is the launch day for the Internet shopping season in the US between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cyber Monday was launched in 2005 by an initiative of an online shopping site, – a website belonging to the NRF trade association – USA. Due to the perception that about 77% of e-commerce sites saw an increase in transactions on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in 2004.

This day was created to help customers who have not hunted off Black Friday yet have more opportunities. Cyber Monday only takes place in the form of online shopping, so customers can easily choose products from home, office, …

When is Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday 2019 is taking place in the world
Cyber Monday 2019 is taking place in the world

Now Cyber Monday has become a major holiday with many retail industries in the world. Entering 2019, Cyber Monday is taking place on December 2, 2019, which is the second day of early December. On Cyber Monday 2019, many stores and brands offer great deals on various products.

Cyber ​​Monday sales

It can be said that if Black Friday is a bumper day, Cyber ​​Monday is a “Sword Fish” day on the Online front, helping brands have one more place to attract maximum revenue from customers. In addition, according to the data recorded since Cyber ​​Monday was created, the sales on this occasion increased by 26% compared to the previous days with a recorded figure of up to 486 million.

The number is increasing year by year and when reaching the milestone of $ 1.25 billion has really turned this into one of the extremely potential shopping events with many brands.

The survey found that 42% of consumers had planned to shop for Black Friday before, but delayed and changed their plans to Cyber ​​Monday. Cyber Monday only takes place online, so there are many benefits for customers when shopping.

Don't miss Cyber Monday deals to save a lot of money
Don’t miss Cyber Monday deals to save a lot of money

In 2014, the heat of Cyber Monday was pushed up very high when a series of online shopping websites had a system error due to an overload of visitors. Even other famous websites like HP and Best Buy in the US collapsed completely due to the overload of the transmission line.

Because of that reason, that year, sales increased to an all-time high of an estimated $ 2.4 billion. Growth has multiplied widely, many countries around the world have imported this day and its results in 2017, sales increased to $ 6.58 billion, up 91% compared to 2016.

How to get Cyber Monday 2019 deals?

Many stores and brands offer great discounts on Cyber Monday 2019
Many stores and brands offer great discounts on Cyber Monday 2019

Cyber Monday takes place on e-commerce sites, so to get Cyber Monday 2019 deals, customers need to equip themselves with the following knowledge and experience:

Amazon and Walmart are big American e-commerce sites, so you can buy everything with the deepest discounts here. You need to make a shopping plan and list items that you need to buy on Cyber Monday.

Then find out on the website, put in the cart. And you should sign up for alerts to be the first to buy. Besides, you must have a smartphone that has good internet speed.

In addition, be a smart shopper when shopping on Cyber Monday. Be wary of the game “Increase original price, reduce the virtual price” on Cyber Monday.


Cyber Monday is taking place in the world, so try to take advantage of this online shopping day to buy favorite things at a great bargain.

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