[Update] 7 things you should never do on Halloween

Halloween is celebrated every year on the last day of October (31st October). On this day, people are often very busy for preparing. We often search for all things we should do on that day such as how to buy cheap Halloween costumes, where to get discount for Halloween decorations or what kind of food should be prepared. However, few of us think of what we should not do on Halloween that seems to be quite essential.

In this post, we will list 10 things you should never do on Halloween. Try to avoid these 10 taboos because they are foreshadowing, unfortunate things, easy to bring bad luck.

Meet black cat

Although the black cat is a symbol of Halloween, in Belgium and Spain, everyone avoids meeting this animal because of the concept that they will bring bad luck to people.

In addition, according to the Church, whether this is a black cat or a white one, it brings bad luck. For a long time, black cats were associated with demons and witches.

Tap on someone else’s pumpkins

Legend has it that the glowing pumpkin is the guide for the soul of the young boy named Jack – who used to joke and save the devil in exchange for the promise of not being taken down to hell.

Unfortunately, when Jack died, he was rejected by both heaven and hell. Because of being homeless, Jack had to hold the pumpkin and wander. That is the reason why during Halloween, we should avoid tapping on someone else’s pumpkins, which not only is impolite but also may accidentally knock Jack’s pumpkin.

Take with sharp objects

During the Halloween, people, especially Western ones often don’t take sharp objects such as knife or scissors with them in order to avoid bad luck. It is supposed that if you take these things with as going out, you will accidentally hurt wandering spirits in their own festival.

Break mirror

In the past, it is thought that mirror has the ability of carrying human spirits. If your reflection in the mirror is disturbed or harassed, your spirit will certainly be affected. For that reason, people in the past said that breaking mirror is a terrible accident bringing the worst luck. Our spirit will be stuck, which causes fortune and health related damage.

Let bats in house

The bad is considered as one of the animal of demons and magic. On Halloween, it is said that if bats flied around your house 3 times, it would be the sign of an extreme bad luck. It may be that family have to suffer the very terrible loss.

Reply as strangers call you

In the night of Halloween, many people supposed that if strangers accidentally call your name, it is actually the spirits are deliberately teasing. Don’t worry, you just need to ignore it, otherwise the devil will probably seize your spirit.

Let the spider fall on the candle

On Halloween, if a spider suddenly falls on your candle and dies after that, be cautious, which is an unlucky sign that the witch is hiding around your house.

On contrary, If you go out on Halloween night and come across a spider staring at you, it may be deceased close people are trying to follow and protect you.

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