Best Tools to Have A Morning Workout

While some might say that the best time to work out is in the afternoon, others will say that you should start your day with a morning workout. You can find evidence that supports both claims equally which leads us to conclude the following - exercise is beneficial for our long-term health. If you’re looking for the right tools and tips to start working out in the morning, we’ll help you begin your exercising routine.

Why is morning exercise so beneficial?

We have to note that any time you decide to exercise is the perfect time for it. In other words, it doesn’t actually matter when, it’s the effort that you squeeze the exercise into your day that matters the most. Anyway, if the only time available for exercise is in the morning, this has many benefits.

Those who begin their day with a workout report having higher energy levels throughout their day. People also say they have fewer distractions in the morning and tend to skip their workout less (in comparison to when they plan to workout after work). Simply put, you don’t have coffee with friends early in the morning so you decide to skip a workout. It is also said that early birds make better food choices if they exercise in the morning, stay alert longer, have more energy, eat less and have better weight loss results. Lastly, people who exercise in the morning sleep better at night.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, let’s discuss the best tools for a morning workout.

Write down your workout routine for the week

If you go to a group class, you probably won’t know the WOD beforehand. In this case, make sure you include the exact time and length of each workout in your daily and weekly plan. This will help you stay accountable and plan other activities after a workout, so you won’t lose time.

In case you work out at home, sit on a Sunday afternoon and plan your workout routines for the entire week. This will help you commit to your plan, so you won’t hit the snooze button in the morning.

Prep your post-workout meal before you start to exercise

A post-workout meal is essential whenever you exercise. It will help you restore glycogen levels and fill your body with much-needed nutrients and energy. You can prepare your post-workout meal before you exercise so that you can take it with you or have it ready once you finish your home workout. A post-workout meal rich in carbs and protein will be the fuel you need to excel in your day even if you woke up early to exercise.

Invest in a non-refundable morning class

Another great tool to have the best morning workout is accountability. If you want to remain accountable and committed, make a financial investment. If you invest in a non-refundable morning workout class or you pay for a gym membership for a limited time in the morning, you’ll know that you’ll actually lose money if you don’t go. You’ll stay accountable on the subconscious level because if you ever lose motivation to exercise in the morning, your inner voice will remind you to go.

Invest in the right exercise equipment

If you still prefer to exercise at home, you can make the same financial investment to motivate yourself to exercise regularly. Nevertheless, you’ll need essential pieces of workout equipment like a power rack by CyberFit, a set of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, resistance bands, and a comfy mat for floor exercise. These essential pieces of equipment will help you perform various routines at home and achieve great results. When you know that you have everything you need for a great workout, you’ll stay motivated and persistent with your routine. Besides, making such an investment is a great tool to motivate yourself as well.

Track the intensity of your workout

People who exercise in the morning usually have somewhere to be afterward. Either they go to work, drive kids to school or have an early Zoom meeting to attend. Morning workouts are often time-limited and if you want to achieve results you need to up the intensity. The best tool to track the intensity of a workout, that is the heart rate, is a fitness tracker. This useful fitness gadget continuously monitors your heart rate.

You can monitor these measurements on the screen. If your goal is to have a high-intensity strength workout that lasts only 20 minutes, you’ll have to monitor the intensity. Once you increase your heart rate to your desired intensity, you’ll keep the rhythm with short breaks between sets. Make sure to spend at least 5 minutes winding down and stretching to slow down the heart rate and ease into your day.

Your sleep routine is your best morning exercise tool

Sleep is beneficial for our overall health. It’s when our cells regenerate and our energy levels are restored. We need sleep to recover from our extensive workout and to build our muscles. But, we need a proper sleep routine to have enough energy for an early morning workout. So, get your sleep routine in check by being consistent. Make sure to go to sleep at the same time each night, sleep for eight hours every night, and wake up at the same time. This will help your body a lot and you’ll start your exercise with the right jolt of energy.

If you want to be successful with your workout regime, you have to be consistent. These six tips and tools will help you stay motivated and consistent with your morning workouts.