Top Amazing CBD Providers You Might Have Overlooked

1. Nuleaf Naturals

  • Whole-plant extracts
  • Organic and sustainable farming practices
  • Potency and consistency
  • Pure and simple


2. The CBDistillery

  • Made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, Industrial Hemp
  • Grown outdoors under natural sunlight with organic practices
  • Qualifications that all plants must meet and are consistently tested


3. Medterra

  • 99%+ pure CBD isolate
  • Absolutely zero THC and are void of any psychoactive ingredients
  • Produced from Non-GMO Hemp
  • Grown and extracted under strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program


4. Sunsoil

  • Organically farmed Vermont hemp
  • Ethical pricing and practices
  • Lab tested for quality and consistency
  • Extracted with organic coconut oil
  • Whole plant extract for the entourage effect


5. Proleve

  • Made in the USA using local farmers and growers
  • The most natural hemp-based CBD possible without addictive or harsh extraction methods
  • Adheres to the highest testing and control standards to ensure purity and consistency



These are amazing features that CBD Oil can bring to you, according to specialists:

Pain Relief

Pain relief is amongst the top benefits of using CBD oil. It is amongst the main reasons people are paying attention to this oil. Evidence suggests that high-quality CBD oil can inhibit the neural transmission of pain. As a result, the person can relax without the need to consume large amounts of pain medication. A study on rodents found that it offers pain relief without causing analgesic tolerance. The oil could be a useful therapeutic compound for helping those with chronic pain to cope. An analysis conducted in 2007 in Canada found that it was effective in offering pain relief for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Helps Reduce Depression And Anxiety

In a study that involved healthy volunteers and animal models, evidence showed that cannabis has anxiolytic-like effects, which reduce anxiety and even help deal with depression. It is especially useful for patients who have a social anxiety disorder. It could also help patients deal with panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various other mental disorders that can impair the ability to function.

In a study conducted in 2011, results showed that the oil could help to deal with social anxiety within just a few hours of taking it. The oil reduces anxiety and discomfort that may arise during a public speech. The study revealed that alertness in anticipation of a speech decreased significantly.

It Helps To Alleviate The Symptoms Of Cancer

Cancer treatment usually comes with some major side effects that include pain and nausea. In a study on the THC and CBD compounds, results showed that those treated using an extract that contained both compounds saw a huge reduction in pain. The extract containing THC and CBD was found to be more effective when compared to the extract made up of just THC. Though there are drugs to deal with the side effects of cancer treatment, they are ineffective in some cases. It is why having an alternative such as CBD oil is important.

Neuroprotective Properties

Researchers believe that it can help deal with common neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. While research is still in early stages, it has shown promise. For instance, in one study, Sativex, which is a spray comprising of CBD and THC, was shown to be a safe and effective method of reducing muscle spasticity in those with multiple sclerosis. The oral spray was so effective that it reduced muscle spasticity in 75% of people in one study.

Could Lower Incidence Of Diabetes

In one study conducted in 2006, it results revealed that the oil lowers the incidence of diabetes by a huge percentage. In non-obese mice, the incidence went from 86 per cent to just 30 per cent when using CBD. Studies also show that the oil help to reduce plasma levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine. After a histological examination, the results showed the mice taking the oil had significantly lower levels of insulitis.

In another study in 2013, scientists examined the impact of marijuana on insulin and insulin resistance. The results showed that in those using marijuana, the fasting insulin levels were 16 per cent lower. Besides that, those who use marijuana had a smaller waist circumference according to the results. The waist circumference is one of the factors connected to the onset of diabetes.

Antipsychotic Effects

In one experiment, the CBD oil, also accessible at online dispensary, has antipsychotic effects. The oil appears to work in much the same way as the medication used to treat the issue. In studies done on animals, it was quite effective. The oil is also quite effective on patients that have schizophrenia.