Top 5 best Chinese learning platforms

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It is really difficult to learn Chinese independently as people, especially beginners, usually don’t know where to start. Finding an appropriate course can help you proceed. The good news is, there are good platforms for you to choose among thousands of online language courses out there.

Let’s take a look at these 5 best platforms for learning Chinese.

Yoyo Chinese

Yoyo Chineseis absolutely the best website for those who are seeking an online Chinesecourse.

Learning at Yoyo Chinese, not only will you learn about grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures in the most detailed explanations, you will also gain interesting knowledge of Chinese culture, which brings you a fun journey of learning a new language.

Yoyo Chinese provides different courses designed for different levels of learners. And you can always choose separate courses depending on your needs. The speakers at Yoyo Chinese lessons will help you speak Chinese in the most natural way in the shortest amount of time.


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ChineseFor.Us is well-known for its in-depth lessons. You can always find useful information and knowledge in all their incredibly comprehensive lessons. You might find it a bit too much information if you’re a beginner, but it gives you a really strong foundation.

Like other learning platforms, ChineseFor.Us features lessonswith short videos and quizzes with review lessons. However, there aren’t anycourses for learners at higher levels yet.

Hello Chinese

Hello Chinese is a free app for learning Chinese. It wascreated based Duolingo template, but it’s becoming more developed with manyuseful features. You can learn almost anything related to Chinese includinglistening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

A speech recognition software is integrated into the app soyou can measure how good your pronunciation is.

Chinese Zero to Hero!

Chinese Zeroto Hero! is a good platform for independent Chinese learners. There are videosteaching vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills with easy-to-understand guidesfor beginners. Our recommendation is you should use this site as a guide and atthe same time use other resources.

You can alsosave your money with this Chinese learning platform as they are the mostaffordable courses you can find.


This will bea fun platform for learners as it combines interesting games with seriouscourses. The higher level you move up to, the more difficult mission in thegame.

Your learning journey will start by learning new words, building sentences, repeat sentences, and then there are dictation, grammar and speaking exercises for you to practise. All the contents are impressive.


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