Top 2019 Key Organisers

4.3 stars/22 votes

1. KeySmart Pro Mossy Oak

  • Slim design
  • Ability to carry up to 10 keys
  • Locate exactly where your keys are thanks to the smartphone app


2. Orbitkey x

  • Explores the fine balance between minimalism and quality for everyday carry
  • Maximum durability in a one-of-a-kind digital-camouflage pattern
  • A daily essential built for an urban environment


3. Keybar Carbon Fiber/Titanium

  • One of the earliest EDC products on the market to use the two-post, swing-out design
  • Holds up to 12 keys
  • Toughness and collectibility


4. Screwpop Tether

  • Inexpensive yet effective keychain solutions for EDC
  • Carries as many as 24 keys in a stack
  • Comes with a compact stainless steel bottle opener


5. QuietCarry Shorty

  • Designed to be their ultimate ultra-minimalist keychain tool
  • Ideally holds 3 keys (up to 5 with expansion)
  • One of the smallest, most robust ways to make the most of your keychain


What is a good key organizer?

Look at any man’s (or woman’s) everyday carry setup, and you’ll likely find the typical EDC essentials scattered about in a rather disorderly fashion — wallet, knife, flashlight, pen, and maybe even an organizer to keep the whole shebang at least partially sorted and ready for use. Rarely, however, will you find a key organizer scattered about a pocket dump.

While possibly the most functional piece of an everyday carry, Key organizers haven’t quite caught on yet. We aim to remedy that with the above list of the best key organizers to add to your EDC collection.

The key organizer is a relative newcomer to the everyday carry scene, with new ones hitting the market nearly every month on Kickstarter or some other shop centred around pocket-friendly goods. The best key organizer will not only streamline your everyday carry by keeping your keys neatly tucked away in an organized fashion, but it will also eliminate the constant jingling sound that is consistent with carrying an unsightly wad of keys — while also preventing your keys from scratching other items in your pockets such as your smartphone screen or your flask. To help you choose which one is right for you, here is our list of the best key organizers perfect for any everyday carry ensemble.