UFM Underwear reviews: For an active man

About UFM Underwear

UFM Underwear (Underwear For Men) is a reliable online store of men’s underwear that provides both isolation and support. Diferent with other pouch underwear brands that have thin mesh panels or presized pouches, Underwear For Men has a US patented and Intl patents pending design that prevents skin on skin contact and eliminates chafing. UFM Underwear is designed to move with your body so you can effortlessly go from one activity to the next without noticing about your underwear.

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UFM Underwear provides unique design to keep men from having to adjust themselves, Underwear For Men’s pouch adjusts to create a custom fit. The drawstrings can’t be felt from the inside or seen from the outside. They gently work together to create a comfy pouch that isolates and supports.

Underwear for Men’s mens underwear products have a drawstring support system that offers all day support and comfort. UFM has modernized mens fashion with a design that provides the style, comfort and support found in jockstraps, boxer briefs and compression shorts. The adjustable pouch is made from lightweight, smooth, breathable fabrics, with a mesh fly panel. The four-way stretch fabric offers greater mobility and prevents men’s underwear from bunching up, losing shape and wearing out. The patent pending design reduces adjusting, chafing, rubbing, sweating and sagging by isolating your package. This is Underwear for Men.

Customer reviews

Published by Dale H

Saw the ad on facebook for UFM Underwear for men, so I thought I would order a pair. After trying them on the 1st time, I thought oh no, this sure feels different etc. After a little pulling here and tugging there, I can honestly say that these by far are the best underwear a guy could ever wear. It’s like wearing a jock, and boxer brief at the same time. I had a problem with sweaty appples down there, and a sticky banana, but after wearing these all day I am ready to go on an all nighter! Happy Customer Here! A special Thanks to Mark Justice, a small town hero who is now the model for this company. When Mark was happy to answer any other questions I had, he did not hestitate to give me the advice I was looking for.
That’s the kind of service that will keep me coming back for more UFM!

Published by David

After getting my first pair and wearing the first day. I went back and ordered a bunch of different ones. I now have 6-Briefts,5- 6″ Boxers and 3- 9″ boxers. I have 2 Drawers full of other brands ans styles and I have only worn my UFM’s in the 6 months of getting my first Pair. I love how the support my Boys and member. I have a large Gauge Prince Albert and get no pinching and pulling that I got in other Brand”s Brief’s and Boxers. They are just Amazing. I’m not good at writing reviews so if you want to ask me any questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Published by Travis S

I got a pair of 1.0 Boxers for Christmas and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. The support is excellent without being restrictive like briefs. I ordered two more pair today and will be getting more as I can spare the money to do so. They are very much worth the price.

Published by Del

Husband has struggled with finding underwear that would support his, well how do I put this…blessed man hood. An in the summer months its the worst ever due to the humid weather we get here in the south. First order was just for 3 to try out, and since then he has been asking for more. Second order I got him 12 pairs and he is in heaven. Definitely a good product line.

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