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1. About UpDraftPlus

UpdraftPlus brings reliable, easy-to-use backups, restores and site copies (clones/migrations) to your WordPress site. You can join over 3 million other sites which back up with peace of mind using UpdraftPlus.

In mid-2011, David Anderson, UpDraftPlus Head Developer came across Updraft, a free backup plugin first released back in 2010 by a guy called Paul Kehrer. Impressed with its ease of use and ability to restore files, David began using it, tweaking and updating it with new code along the way. Wanting to share the improvements he’d made to Updraft with others, David got in touch with Paul (who’d by then moved on).

2. Special values that UpDraftPlus brings to you


UpdraftPlus’s aim is to “just work” – elegantly and effectively. To do this, it needs a solid foundation. Advances in features must not be through “quick hacks”, but through a base that can support users and all the different things they want to do for years ahead.


UpDraftPlus is committed to timely support provided by their knowledgeable software engineers rather than by drones who are just following a script.


UpdraftPlus has pioneered unique features in WordPress backups, such as automatic backups before WordPress updates and support for more cloud storage providers than any rival. They always keep asking “how can we take this further for everyone?”

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Use this coupon code if you upgrade from a purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium Personal (2 licenses) WITHIN 12 WEEKS to get $50 off.

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4. People also ask

How do I install UpdraftPlus?

What is the largest site that UpdraftPlus can back up?

UpdraftPlus’s architecture imposes no limits upon the size of backups. As long as your server has the disk space available to create a backup, and as long as your web hosting company does not apply any other artificial limits (e.g. does not give you enough outgoing bandwidth to allow your backups to reach their destination in the cloud), then UpdraftPlus can back up anything. It is known to be successfully backing up websites of up to 12 gigabytes (12,288 megabytes), and we’re not aware of any website that won’t back up because of being too big.

How can I purchase improvements for UpdraftPlus?

The base UpdraftPlus plugin is free and fully functional (it is not “crippleware” that ham-strings you unless you pay). If you want extra features, then you have two choices. Firstly, you can buy “UpdraftPlus Premium”, which includes all of our add-ons, plus upgrades and support for one year. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy “a la carte”, then individual features are available to purchase separately. Whichever you choose, you can get it all conveniently and easily in our shop.

What is UpdraftVault?

UpdraftVault is built-in storage space for your UpdraftPlus backups, which saves you depending on another storage system (and all the complication of figuring out what to buy and how to use it). Because it’s been tailored specifically for use in UpdraftPlus, it’s as simple as possible to understand and to use.

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What is UpdraftCentral?

UpdraftCentral is a remote control for WordPress sites, allowing you to manage lots of WordPress sites from a single dashboard. No need to log in to and juggle lots of dashboards – you can look after them all from a single page, with a single login.

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Use this coupon code if you upgrade from a purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium Personal (2 licenses) WITHIN 26 WEEKS to get $30 off.

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