How to choose the best backpack? Vera Bradley Black Friday tips!

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The backpack is an indispensable item when traveling. Especially, for backpackers, it is almost the most important thing. Choosing a good backpack is no easy task as you have to choose a backpack that fit your trip. Black Friday sales 2019 are taking place in every part of the world. In fact, this is the best time for shopping for a good backpack without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to buy the best backpack on Vera Bradley Black Friday sale.

1.How to choose the best travel backpack

First of all, there is no perfect backpack for every activity. If you are serious about hiking or other outdoor activities, then you should stop buying lots of backpacks, but target each specific activity and trip duration.

Choose a good backpack for your trip
Choose a good backpack for your trip

Think of the volume

First, you will have to determine the number of things you need to carry around. Then choose a suitable backpack that can hold all the needed things.

Specialized equipment

If you plan to bring specialized equipment such as snow boots, Ice Axes, Crampons, climbing ropes, or other large equipment. You may want to find travel backpacks with special pockets, straps, cords, and profiles that will allow you to easily attach pieces of equipment outside the backpack. There are even special backpacks designed to carry skis or other bulky devices.

Don't miss Vera Black Friday deals to save money
Don’t miss Vera Black Friday deals to save money


You need to have a waterproof backpack when traveling. The best way is to prepare for the worst weather possible and wet conditions. Look for a backpack with a rain cover included or buy the right type of waterproof.


Most backpacks have adjustable hip belts, shoulder belts, and stabilizer belts. But even then, the basic shape of the hip belt and shoulder belt cannot be compatible with your body.

Your backpack should be proportional to body weight, of which the ideal weight is 10kg (20 pounds). If your backpack is too big or too small, the weight will not be properly balanced, will cause back pain or may make you tired.


The two important features of backpacks are also the most susceptible, which are straps and zippers. Do not be afraid to check carefully, especially the seam and ruggedness of the bag to ensure you do not have trouble on the journey.

Try to choose a good backpack
Try to choose a good backpack


The design of a travel backpack usually has many compartments, at first glance very messy. Many people therefore often choose a simple backpack because too many compartments will make it worse.

Please choose to buy the appropriate and useful backpack. Most of the time it will be at the accommodation and you’re away from home, so convenience is still a top priority.

2. Vera Bradley Black Friday sale 2019

Vera Bradley Black Friday sale 2019
Vera Bradley Black Friday sale 2019

Vera Bradley is the perfect place for shopping travel backpack at the deepest discounts on Black Friday. Vera Bradley is famous for its backpacks, totes, and luggage.

At Vera Bradley, you can take off like a pro with the right travel bag for your lifestyle. Choose from a wide range of selection of durable, lightweight designs, complete with strategic storage and unique details that make it effortless to pack up and go.

Vera Bradley offers great deals on Black Friday
Vera Bradley offers great deals on Black Friday

On Vera Bradley Black Friday sale 2019, you can save up to 50% off on backpack. Some of the best deals have released. So it’s time to make a shopping plan and start shopping at Vera Bradley.


Hopefully, with some above tips, you can save money when purchasing a backpack. Moreover, you can get a high-quality backpack to make your trip easier.

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