Ways a Consumer Health Product Can Improve Quality Of Life

Consumer health products can play a crucial role in improving the quality of life of the users. These products are affordable and straightforward home-use medical devices and often involve some service. An instance is the Ellume Home Test for COVID-19. This over-the-counter test got an emergency use authorization by the FDA, which is a disposable device connected to a mobile phone and makes a diagnosis using an app. The result is sent to a physician immediately and a public safety database as well. 

In-vitro diagnostic testing could only take place in the laboratory by professional clinical laboratory scientists until recently. However, medical health products such as Ellume’s transform the healthcare sector, taking off functional medical care from the hospital premises and doctor’s office to the patient’s home. 

There’s no doubt that consumer health products are changing the health sector and improving the patients’ quality of life, but how are they doing this? Here are some ways consumer health products can improve quality of life.

  1. It gives peace of mind.

Nobody likes to fall sick or watch their loved ones suffer from sickness. Yet this fear of the unknown can be as bad for their health. So, people’s minds must be at peace, which is a primary goal of these products. It helps them answer basic questions about their health, such as what the problem is and how severe it is. There are three primary ways to tackle this problem:

  • Wait and hope the pain goes by itself.
  • Ask a physician’s advice over the phone who may or may not give a diagnosis.
  • Head to an emergency room in their locality. 

People mostly hate going to the hospital, and the thought of it alone can make them feel sick. The nervousness and anxiety become amplified when it is their loved one in pain, such as a parent feeling anxious about their children’s pain. 

So, during the consumer health product’s development cycle, manufacturers must ensure that the tactical and strategic decisions they are making offer peace of mind to the customers and put them at ease. For the product to succeed, the answer must be yes. 

  1. Provides round-the-clock healthcare

Getting sick is never convenient, and it mostly happens at the worst time and place. This is why the several hundreds of apps or products enabling access to physicians – on a subscription basis or pay-per-use – is a welcome development. An example of this app is Doctor on Demand which offers round-the-clock access to doctors, including video calls. 

Providing a product that simplifies access, eliminates obstacles, and tailors a solution offering unobstructed healthcare access. So, the manufacturers must ensure that their product provides easy access to healthcare. 

  1. Provides additional convenience


Everyone is busy in today’s world, and that is why they rely on technology to help them with many of their tasks so that they have time for other things they want to do. Humans always want to choose the easiest path from one point to the other. This is one of the reasons why going to the hospital is stressful. It involves at least three trips: the doctor’s office, the lab for a test, and another trip to get the result and its interpretation. 

However, consumer health products offer a one-stop format and solve all their problems in one spot. This helps to save their time, energy and offers much more convenience. This is what makes these products valuable assets. 

  1. Ensures remote monitoring

It is unlikely that the technology connecting physicians to patients remotely will force hospitals and doctors’ offices to close. There is a high probability that many common illnesses will still require in-person diagnosis by the doctor. This technology ensures that physicians can remotely monitor the patient and check on their progress. Some of these may include an ultrasound imaging device, blood pressure monitoring, etc. 

It’s essential to monitor the progress of some symptoms or conditions regularly after diagnosis, which makes consumer health products a necessity for many. 

For many manufacturers, all it takes is to add monitoring capabilities and connectivity to their product, and they will break through in the consumer health market. Leveraging technology for products like these makes life easy for both consumers and physicians. Taking away the stress of going to the physician for regular check-ups and ensuring that they can do it remotely goes a long way in improving the consumers’ quality of life. 


The innovation in the health industry and the increase in consumer health products is doing a lot to improve people’s life quality. This article discusses some of the ways this is happening. 

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